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First Drive: 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe (Autoblog)

Apr 1st 2009 11:58AM Chris said: BUT......a 425hp 2.0 4cyl is almost undriveable on a daily basis and you can pretty much kiss that engine good-bye in two yrs.

It just seems that the 3.8 is the better route to go if you're gonna modify.

Am I missing something?

You are missing a screw or something. Go take a look at all the huge HP Evos out there. They're running 2.0 (or 2.3 strokers).

The 3.8 will cost much more $/hp vs. the 2.0T. Turbo cars are significantly cheaper to extract power out of than NA. Tune a G35/G37 = 8 hp. Tune an Evo X = 80hp. Same cost, 10x the gain.

GM quits renting, buys headquarters for $626 million (Autoblog)

May 9th 2008 6:49PM Rent has a different capitalization for tax/income purposes versus ownership (which is why some people advocate leasing vs. buying vehicles for business purposes). I'm not an accountant, but for a business, leasing makes a lot of sense financially.

Now if you can get the property cheap, then go for it :)

Latest Ford Focus ST arrives in the UK (Autoblog)

Apr 28th 2008 2:16PM O'rlly? says that the focus gets 25.3 mpg ( has a higher rating, maybe this is a more real world expectation?). And this is for a smaller engine than the one on this post.

Assuming that's imperial gallons, of which 1 = 1.2 US gallon, you'll be getting 21mpg (us).

Now, assume your Evo IX gets 22 mpg combined, the calculator at says that you'll be paying MORE to drive the focus above than your Evo IX.

Now, if the 25.3 is US gallons, then you'll save $270 a year, hardly the car payment.

Now, let's assume, you're talking about the stripper model UK Focus. It gets 42.8 mpg (imperial again, so 35.6 US mpg).

That saves you $927 a year in gas. Not a $200 car payment every month.

Math don't lie, but car salesmen do!

All that said, this Focus is lightyears better than the ugly focus we have here.

Stage6 clone DivXit becomes Vreel (Download Squad)

Apr 25th 2008 4:53PM hmm... 800 meg files... the standard for movie downloads.

Imagine that coincidink.

WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin (Download Squad)

Apr 9th 2008 11:37AM Well I was holding off on upgrading and this made it a lot easier!

It even figured out that it had permissions issues and went in and fixed them for me (which was very nice).

IIHS wrecks new Scion xD. Rates average, good (Autoblog)

Nov 13th 2007 11:31PM Of course, the Tahoe costs 3x as much and eats 2x the fuel to get from point a to point b.

I'd say that as long as the xD passengers were safe, then its ok that the car was disposable... I'd sure hate to be stuck in an upside down, damaged gas guzzler vs. driving my new insurance provided car.

Hey, if you're gonna have a wreck, make sure you don't keep the wrecked car...


Numb3rs: Primacy (AOL TV)

Nov 12th 2007 1:22PM the device that alan made was a sterling engine...

How I Met Your Mother: Dowisetrepla (AOL TV)

Nov 6th 2007 12:20PM Andrea, you fail math?

(by the way, 4000 meters is almost four and a half miles).

um... 4km = 2.5 miles...


Spendview lets you track your spending in a beautiful way (Download Squad)

Oct 17th 2007 12:18PM Don't forget about Yodlee too... since a bunch of banks actually give Yodlee as a free add on, I think you can trust them more than some fly-by-night RoR .com.