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How to try Google Android on x86 computers with a LiveCD (Download Squad)

Jul 15th 2009 11:42AM Downloading from the servers can be pretty slow, here is a nice and speedy torrent:

Ask Engadget: Best portable internet device? (Engadget)

Aug 22nd 2008 4:53AM You have got to be kidding?

When I got my PSP some years ago it was quite ok for browsing, now however... with it putting any webpage in it's own annoying font, screwing up page layouts and the awful method of text input I'd even rather surf on my old HTC Touch Dual (Opera 9.5).

As far as I'm concerned, iPhone does the trick pretty well.

Open Tech plans to release Mac clones (

Jul 21st 2008 10:20PM it's 2008... go ahead and build a tower featuring a genuine CD burner why dontcha...

Apple's worst logo ever? (

Jun 11th 2008 9:17AM I'd say it's pretty terrible...

It has none of the style we've come to get used to from Apple products.

The similarity to the Windows Millennium-logo struck me as well, major flaw imho, considering it's probably MS's worst iteration of the Windows brand so far.

Sony's Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 bundle spotted in Belgium store (Engadget)

May 2nd 2008 8:46AM That's not just a coffee mug, that's a Simpsons coffee mug.

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 33 (Engadget)

Sep 12th 2007 11:06AM c'mon, let this one be mine pls

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 25 (Engadget)

Sep 10th 2007 1:10AM yes please

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 19 (Engadget)

Sep 8th 2007 2:53PM yes i'd like

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 17 (Engadget)

Sep 8th 2007 4:43AM jippie, me