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Apple's Remote: turns your iPhone into a WiFi remote control (Engadget)

Jul 13th 2008 10:01PM ANDREW

It worked fine on MS last nite for me .... but reading other troubles here seems to have jinxedme.

But .. iTunes only tells you the devices connected to it.
When you see the 4 DIGIT code -- you will also see that the device "iPod" has JUST been added. Click on your iTunes device and you will saee that 4 blank code boxes await your code entry.
Now I'd like to say that you should then see your (e.g.) music list and scroll to alter selection. It worked tonite as I change my "playlist" "media" to a movie and I could control it remotely. Just amazing -- imagine this stuff in 20 years !

WHat I really want to know is whether the iPod's "instructions" leave my house.. or.. whether they get sent to my Linksys router and bcak to my PC without leaving the house. SO much to learn.. so litel time!

8GB iPhone and iPod touch reach end-of-life, at least in the UK (Engadget)

Jun 25th 2008 5:47PM Just bumped into this "news". Who cares?

I only have an 8 Gig iPod Touch...but...I dop not intend to buy a new one until it's bigger and lighter. So for now, the 8Gig is just fine.
++ I e-mail the world from hot-spots
++ I store my private docs and photos on an iDisk
++ I Skype phone / message from&to landlines
++ I do not need MobileMe, GPS, or mobile-data at sky-hi rates.

For those who have the bucks the iPhone or iTouch are terrific devices -- but you can get buy with 8 gig's, and you do not have to carry 4 movies everywhere you go. Do you !?.

YOU WILL drop it -- so get a shock-case.

Linux alternative to iPod touch (Download Squad)

Sep 18th 2007 8:30PM I am a newbie to all this poscket tech. Only my wife has the cell phone!

I have read a lot of the N800's GPS reviews. They are not too positive. While its small kit costs the same as a nuvi 250 and offers no voice instrustions. Not so hot if you are without a navigator!

The one app that thrills every owner is the Internet.

The camera seems poor.

Skype ( I Skype-out a lot) is only strong at the called party's side of the call, ... oh ... and someone got passable quuality using Shure ear plugs. Heck .. you might as well buy the new $2000 Tosh 13' Laptop.

I have waited for a tablet that "does it all" for years. Its stil not here. Even so, I'll probably take a chance on the N800. That said, The cost is at least worth the education.

How about some SD output to a flatscreen?

Honda chalks up another win for the Civic (Autoblog)

Apr 5th 2006 10:23PM Well we have owned two Civics and we just loved them (reliability and gas).

We have test driven three 2006 Civics e/w auto trans; one with drum brakes, one with 4-wheel disc, and one (sold as an Acura CSX) with paddle shifters. They were all tighter, faster, quieter, and more lux than any previous Civic that we have owned.

But, we are seniors now or at least I am !) and I have NO INTENTIONS of ducking my 5' 10" frame to enter this windshield,deep-dash dominated environment to sit mid-car while holding a rubber training wheel.

But, as I leave the Civic behind, I must now scratch outstanding reliability off my list of automotive expectations. But the pockets are deeper -- thanks to Civic savings -- and a Legacy may be the Civic's replacement. And that may be exactly what Honda had in mind re their intended market demographic.

Consumer Guide, Edmunds review Honda Fit (Autoblog)

Apr 5th 2006 8:13PM Well this car has just arrived in Canada too.

I only looked it over ... as the base cars were on the floor and the "Sport" has not yet arrived. I kind of wondered why they did not upsize it say 15-20% for the North American ? after all they have already sold a million copies of the Jazz. Even so I think that it a beauty ? but?prices for the Sport will rise (before taxes) to about Can $20K after you add dealer admin. Tis? a lot of money for a small compact.

Anyway, it reminds me of our 1989 Civic hatchback & its 4-speed manual (I think that that it was fitted with about 99 hp. We put 340,000 kms (about 200,000 miles before its retirement! and retired it). And that, it seems to me, is the what you are buying into -- outstanding reliability .. Oh.. and great gas mileage.

In fact, only yesterday I had our auto mechanic check out our 1996 Civic with similar mileage. Not it apparently needs $3000 in general repairs to brakes .. clutch ? timing belt .. etc. If my wife likes the Fit we will get one. If not we?ll upgrade to a Subie or CST ? using the saving that we have accumulated after 15 years driving Civics!

The only thing that I missed in the Fit was a footrest.