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"Dietrich" sentenced to jail for Gizmondo crash (Engadget)

Sep 18th 2007 1:57PM 30 days is not easy.

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 31 (Engadget)

Sep 11th 2007 4:17PM I love chewing gum!

Eudora 8 beta email client is based on Thunderbird (Download Squad)

Sep 5th 2007 7:51PM Re: FREE - Eudora has been free in sponsored mode for about 10 years and was is a lite version

Eudora 8 beta email client is based on Thunderbird (Download Squad)

Sep 5th 2007 7:50PM I am STILL a Eudora user. No other Mac app has the same powerful filtering abilities. Apple mail has smart filters but leaves the mail in the inbox??? Thunderbird doesn't filter as I can tell.

Prostitution 2.0 through Craigslist (Download Squad)

Sep 5th 2007 7:43PM "Police have started placing decoy ads on the website and monitoring it to catch would be customers in the act. "

This is ridiculous. They wouldn't be customers if there weren't ads.

iTunes WiFi Music Store first hands-on (Engadget)

Sep 5th 2007 4:43PM Do people really expect to carry their entire video library? A DVD quality vid is only 2 GB. An iPod quality should be 500MB... Anyway, the black plastic is so the signal can get through... what I want to kjnow is when can we put 3rd party apps on. I WANT SKYPE :D

Bonjour for Windows updated (Download Squad)

Aug 28th 2007 8:55PM So I've instaled this. Now what? Can I easily mount a Mac disk from Windows?

South Korea set to build "Robot Land" (Engadget)

Aug 27th 2007 4:48PM Itchy and Scratchy land. And for the rest of us who are older than Paris Hilton - WESTWORLD!

Mozilla to release Firefox Campus Edition (Download Squad)

Aug 22nd 2007 2:22PM Can't think of any student add-ons. But WOW - this is a huge marketing foot in the door. How about a web developer edition, and other industry targeted bundles.

Grocery shopping confessions (Slashfood)

Aug 20th 2007 4:21PM 1) Carrots, Apples, Oranges
2) Turkey cutlets
3) Diet Coke
4) Arizona Green Tea
5) Water
6) Indian curry sauces
7) Curry flavored couscous
8) Rice and potatoes
9) Frozen veggies
10) Frozen Pizza