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Jamie Lynn Spears on Britney (Spinner)

Apr 12th 2008 12:30AM I think both sisters are hot but Jaime Lynn is a little hotter. But for her to be prego at 16 kinda sucks. I don't want to sound mean one bit here but she is ruining what would have been a great life for her with zoey101 and what not. She is or was at least a role model for teens. But she could be more sympathetic towards her sister brit. She has made mistakes but she is trying I guess you could say.

Dell Axim X50v gets unofficial Windows Mobile 6 upgrade (Download Squad)

Aug 28th 2007 12:56AM I was wondering if someone is going to try a hack for the x50 model as oppsed to the x50v models. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would try this. Get back to me with a response.