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Owen Linderholm

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10 Greatest Cooking Shows of All Time (Slashfood)

Jan 1st 2010 6:44PM The River Cottage Series with Hugh Fearnsley Whittingstall - I think never shown in the US - but the best cooking shows (and in many ways living life shows) ever made. The early ones especially...

Did the FTC just mention something about blogging? (Download Squad)

Oct 6th 2009 4:37PM Dude - did you actually read the FTC ruling!? And any of the history? This is an AMENDMENT to an existing ruling. it is about the requirement of paid for content to say so. That's what material means. And that is why none of the examples you list would be included EXCEPT for the Ballmer Porsche - under the rules that would be a material relationship - at least if you got to keep it. In addition the commentary SPECIFICALLY states that in all but the most truly egregious cases the FTC would be going after the ADVERTISER not the blogger.

Sorry about the shouting but this is precisely the kind of thing that does get bloggers a bad name - shouting off your mouth about something you haven't looked into properly. I'm a blogger. I love blogging. I love your site. But please look a bit deeper.

By the way - there are plenty of things wrong with the FTC proposal - they just aren't the ones that the blogosphere is blowing up about.

DreamHost's $7.5M billing accident: "Um, Whoops." (Download Squad)

Jan 16th 2008 3:45PM Huh -

I'm a Dreamhost user and while I understand being upset at being misbilled (as I was) I actually much prefer the direct and clear explanation than the typical 'businesslike,' 'corporate' mealymouthed responsibility dodging that most companies engage in.

I strongly suspect that those annoyed here would have been just as annoyed if they HAD gotten the 'businesslike' non-explanation - they're the kind of people who are ALWAYS annoyed.

Dreamhost has its problems but this isn't one of them...

Avanoo - Harness the wisdom of communities (Download Squad)

May 14th 2007 3:20PM I also immediatly thought of John Brunner and the Shockwave rider - it's also the same thing as the demopol in dune I believe - interesting idea.

I would like an invite please

New video site, FunnyOrDie.com (Download Squad)

Apr 18th 2007 3:46PM umm - you may not have liked it, but the official box office for blades of glory is about ten million excluding current week

New video site, FunnyOrDie.com (Download Squad)

Apr 18th 2007 3:45PM Ummm - you may not have liked it but official box office for blades of glory is over 10 million - that seems to be a bit better than you are implying

Best free firewall for Windows? - Ask DLS (Download Squad)

Nov 6th 2006 2:39PM Zone Alarm - interface is silly but perfectly usable - and since you almost never use it - the whole point is set and forget - why would that matter?

Bottom line is 1) it works really really well - never one problem in >2 years. 2) installs easy. 3) easy to turn on and off for complicated and weird apps 4) it IS a pain about updates - either turn them off and do a manual every couple of months - or set it to just do them and be prepared for weekly slowdowns and restarts while it updates.

I don't switch because it really works

Google vs. Yahoo mashups (Download Squad)

Sep 8th 2006 6:49PM Interesting but I have to disagree - for most real world searches I do I use both. It is well known that each of them actually indexes under half the web pages out there and that there is significant difference in what gets indexed. Google seems to rank blogs higher. But bottom line - I find that Yahoo gets better hits for tough searches higher on the list.

Google clearly does better on images. Despite in general preferring Yahoo, I like Google maps a LOT better.

Despite all the Google love out there, the real answer is that they both have a long long long way to go to get better at searches.

Why Don't You Have a Yahoo! ID? (Download Squad)

Aug 7th 2006 2:29PM The rabid boosterism of both Google and Yahoo here is very disturbing to me. I have used just about every service for YEARS. The one common denominator throught that timehas been my Yahoo account because I find it gives me more stuff.

I do not use any of my google accounts for very long because I find them inadequate and simplistic (I find an uncluttered interface just means I have to click about five times to do something I could have done in one click if they exposed the controls).

This is NOT a knock on Google - I realise that my prpeferences are not the same as others. Clearly lots of people DO like the uncluttered interface. I use google search a lot - but NOT exclusively - it is NOT the be all and end all and I am a critical searcher and reader. I use google search, yahoo search, technorati and other search options. I go about five pages deep on most searches (stats are that 90% of users don't go beyond the first page) because the best answers are rarely the first ones on any search.

I get spam on every email service I've ever used. But no more on Yahoo than anywhere else and that's the email I have entered into every site I have registered for for over 8 years now.

So - in terms oif the question - I find my Yahoo ID invaluable. But it isn't the only thing I use and I think anyone who only uses one single service as some people are describing is essentially cutting themslecves of from over half the internet.

Top 50 foods to eat before you die (Slashfood)

Apr 12th 2006 9:33PM WAy back when when the first top 50 list (top 50 food experiences) first came out, some food bloggers had some fun with it since most of the entries were completely impossible for ordinary people to fulfill. So we came up with this list that is a LOT more realistic....