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Corel VideoStudio X4 giveaway (Download Squad)

Feb 22nd 2011 9:47PM I'm always game for trying new software.

Christmas Giveaway: Tales of Monkey Island (Download Squad)

Dec 3rd 2009 2:48PM I want to be a pirate.

How would you change HP's TouchSmart tx2z? (Engadget)

Feb 7th 2009 1:15AM Here are my gripes with the TX2z:
- the keyboard layout is the same as the previous TX1000/2000 series, a slight redesign would be welcome particularly increasing the size of the arrow key, moving the PgUp and PgDn next to the arrow keys and increase the size of the Fn keys - but keep the durakeys.
- the volume keys are still inaccessible in tablet mode and it's still missing some dedicated tablet keys on the bezel.
- it needs digital video output, vga and svideo only is a serious fault for a multimedia-centric computer.Or at least release a quickdock with a DVI or Displayport output.
-its also unfortunate that it hasn't adopted the new AMD Tigris platforms (yet to be released, I know), as these will have (hopefully) a lower TDP and increased battery life and pack some extra oomph than the current Puma platform.
- better N-trig drivers, especially for the stylus input - I know that the marketing buzz is on the multitouch capabilities but this is stil a tablet and it needs support for some basic features (that were present on the TX2000 series) like an eraser and multiple pressure levels.
This is my take, hope someone from HP is reading this and addresses these issues in a future iteration.

Gmail getting a facelift? (Download Squad)

Sep 24th 2007 6:53AM If you want folder then gmail definitely isn't for you.
I hope that gmail sticks to the labels (tags) for organization as it is a much more versatile and powerfull system. There are 3 things that differentiate gmail from the other webmail services and, in my opinions make it better:
- first, is the already use of labels instead of folders.
- second, is the sparsity of the interface.
- third, the threaded messages.

As for the changes I would like to see:
- Just clean up the interface a little, there are a few options and menus that could be done a little better, and make it a little more "ajaxy", with drag and drop of the labels.
- Better integration with other Google services (Calendar, Reader, Notebook, for ex.) could be better implemented.
- And of course tasks or to do lists would be welcomed.
-Finally, Google Gears for offline Gmail access.

As for some of the suggestions I have seen floating around, I don't find that more space is really necessary, >2.5Gb is more than enough for my needs, and IMAP is kinda of redundant for gmail, as I prefer its web interface to that of any desktop client.

For the rest keep it like it is because I believe that's exactly how gmail users want it.

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 37 (Engadget)

Sep 13th 2007 6:39AM A Coby over here, please

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 36 (Engadget)

Sep 12th 2007 8:42PM Don't care for this crap ... unless you want to give it to me

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 32 (Engadget)

Sep 11th 2007 6:06PM Please not the head, everything but the head!!!

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 25 (Engadget)

Sep 10th 2007 4:58AM Engadget is great...
Nuff said.

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 16 (Engadget)

Sep 7th 2007 9:16PM Ok, let's try it one more time. I hope you guys randomly pick me.