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Member since: Aug 23rd, 2007

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Eyealike: Who would play you in the movie of your life? (Download Squad)

Nov 12th 2007 12:32PM It tells me I look like Marty Feldman. That's pretty accurate. Not bad.

Gmail getting a facelift? (Download Squad)

Sep 24th 2007 1:42PM Brad, you're still not offering a reason for why you'd want folders. I can't think of anything you can't do with labels.

Ahoy, mateys! Win a license for CallBurner (Download Squad)

Sep 19th 2007 5:18PM Thanks in advance.

FileZilla 3.0 released (Download Squad)

Sep 11th 2007 12:16PM "Is there any reason to choose this over SmartFTP?"

It's free.

Skype apologizes to paying customers with contract extensions (Download Squad)

Aug 23rd 2007 12:52PM We have Skype-in/out and was out for 3 days, but haven't received any emails.