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Astucia SolarLite LED studs light up highways after dark (Engadget)

Nov 22nd 2007 4:01AM @James Cameron

It's not a waste - since moving from the UK to mainland Europe I hate the fact that so few roads have "cats eyes" or their equivalent. In poor weather conditions and especially in heavy rain, straight line paint markers are totally useless and you can't tell what lane your in. In the UK they're a god-send as they help to keep you from straying into other traffic or off the road.

Pinnacle reveals ShowCenter 250HD media receiver (Engadget)

Nov 13th 2007 5:03AM So it's an SC200 in a new box with newer firmware - no wonder they won't update the older box, they want to flog their new one. Even the remote is the same - f'ing cheek!

Sorry, no thanks. No HDMI and no wireless "N" - pointless addition to their range and if the support they gave the SC200 is anything to go by, good luck getting any bugs ironed out!

Skype 2.0 beta for Linux adds video support (Download Squad)

Nov 8th 2007 6:45AM Yes very sweet. Unlike my old Vista installation, I installed this the other night under Kubuntu 7.10, plugged in my 18 month old Creative notebook webcam (unsupported under Vista) and it all worked without having to make any configuration changes.

Nokia N810 hands-on (Engadget)

Oct 18th 2007 4:05AM What is it with Nokia and not including charging via USB port!! It's one of the 3 things that really bugs me about the N95, along with internal RAM and battery life.

Yes I know you can get "adapters" but why when nearly everyone has a USB cable they can just attach to their pc's etc. Surely it would also save a small amount of cost and even space to not have a dedicated charging socket.

Joost beta 1.0 released for Mac and Windows (Download Squad)

Sep 29th 2007 5:18PM "But honestly, the latest version of Joost still appears a bit buggy to wear a 1.0 label. At the very least, this should be considered Joost 1.0 RC1"

Muppet - betas are usually buggy, it's the RC releases that are meant to stable, as in "potential Release Condidate".

PDF Download: decide when Firefox downloads or opens PDF files (Download Squad)

Sep 14th 2007 1:55PM My recommendation: install the NoScript extension (useful for many other reasons as well), so they never download automatically unless from a trusted site and then to speed things up, by get the Adobe Reader Speedup (http://www.tnk-bootblock.co.uk/software/index.php?type=supported&id=7F7290B5) and not worrying about it as it will load far far quicker.

Linux alternative to iPod touch (Download Squad)

Sep 14th 2007 9:50AM Please fix the comparison - it's been rushed together with items missing (see Weight which has suddenly become 3-dimensional, Video support which now includes BMP, GIF but no video formats). Muppets.

Add an up button to Windows Explorer in Vista (Download Squad)

Sep 10th 2007 3:31PM I can see why you might miss the "up folder" button, but is it really that difficult to learn to use the address bar in Vista on the folder before the folder you're on at the moment?

It's still only a single click and not like you haven't had to learn a few other new tricks since starting with Vista.

Vista users in Swedish community can't get online (Engadget)

Sep 2nd 2007 9:53AM It's a "non-issue" - you make a simple change to go back to "pre-Vista" behaviour and it's fixed. What's go hard about that? There's even a support bulletin about it!!!

So I tiny percentage of users can't connect because they seem to be in capable of making this change - more their problem than Microsoft or the ISP.

Must be a slow news day for Engadget....

So long ATRAC, thanks for nothing (Engadget)

Aug 30th 2007 8:39AM Yup, just Blur-ray and Mammary-Stick left to get rid off.