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Huffington Post proves newspapers aren't dead, yet. (Download Squad)

Oct 1st 2009 1:34PM I think the HuffPo is just as wrong to call themselves a blog -- it's a term rooted in the concept of one or few people writing about one or a few topics -- often relying on opinion.

The HuffPo bares hardly any resemblance to that notion. In spite of the fact it is often an aggregate of other reporting, it is far more similar to a national media site.

It's just that the HuffPo is a pretty unreliable, yellow site.

(Personally, I have very little love for the HuffPo. I think it hurts the reputation of all other online media publishers.)

And, regarding mediums. Here's some fun food for thought: Books are all pretty similar. But the possibilities online are so infinite that many sites are hardly similar.

I'd argue the Web itself transcends being any one medium.,,, Are these sites similar at all?

The medium online could be defined by the interface/presentation style.

Under such a theory, your link holds more truth.

Sites designed like a standard "blog" will inherently be more opinion oriented. Those designed like newspaper sites will be more "newspapery," social media will be more social.

The same is true in the physical world for magazine, tabloids, weekly papers, tabs, and broadsheet newspapers.

Huffington Post proves newspapers aren't dead, yet. (Download Squad)

Oct 1st 2009 9:53AM The huffington post is a pretty far cry from a "blog."

And, look, the medium has nothing to do with accuracy and accountability. There are many Web site far more reliable than newspapers, and the inverse is true.

As a newspaper vet who now runs a webpaper, I wholly agree with commenter #1 Saint Seminole.

Fun reading:

Weekend project - DIY cheap 500GB external drive (

Mar 9th 2007 10:51PM If you just want to do it on the cheap and aren't scared of refurbished greatness:
LaCie refurbished 500GB usb drive

Pretty solid construction :)
Refurbished 180 day warranty :(
No idea on the drive itself.

OS X 10.4.8 released (

Sep 29th 2006 6:47PM In regards to the faster rosetta performance: Does the increased rosetta speed hold after a reboot? What I'm getting at is if rosetta is faster or if they've just introduced some kind of rosetta processing cache.

Flickr Find: Is that a MacBook Pro in the trash? (

Jun 21st 2006 1:41PM Oh, I should mention that I had boot camp installed, so Win XP would boot when my Mac install wouldn't boot properly. Fun.

Flickr Find: Is that a MacBook Pro in the trash? (

Jun 21st 2006 1:36PM Seems like his HD crashed. Mine did a similar thing but instead the B-tree died: So, here's another Intel mac anyonce.

After trying FSCK to fix it I got nothing, and because I sold my old mac thinking I had this great new one I had no pratical way of runing a Mac-native tool, outside of installing OSX on an external drive. Imagine my surprise when OSX seemingly refused to install on a freshly formated firewire drive.

I'll let the article below explain all the details, but the it'd be nice if Apple made their new 'features' a little more apparent.

60 Minutes, minus 45 (PVR Wire)

Apr 13th 2006 9:40PM Charles: While I agree with your sentiment on lazy journalism-like folk. I think you misread the article a bit (the article could have been more clear)

As for the problem being DVR-specific: It's because folks use DVRs to record far more programming than VCRs (that's been my experience). And we're not used to them being as finicky as VCRs.

And on the need for two tuners: Sure, you can pad a recording-- that is if you're not recording something before/after it on a different channel.

Of course all these issues would be nil if it weren't for copyright laws preventing folks from using the more efficient form of distribution.

iPod the Kleenex of MP3 players (

Mar 31st 2006 12:37PM It can actually be VERY bad for Apple, if the public begins to call any mp3 player and ipod, apple's competitors can say "ipode" is no longer a brand name and Creative can start making "ipods" -- this is why xerox sponsored workshops to have people stop calling a photocopy a xerox.
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