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iPhones ready for web gallery now (

Aug 7th 2007 10:18PM I didn't add my .mac address to my iphone because it is a spam magnet, still pulling mail from an old cable broadband account from years ago. Then I moved to a rural area without broadband

Can mail be reconfigured, to weed some of that dot mac email horror? Or will my dot mac email always be so haunted?

Liveblogging the iPhone 1.0.1 update (

Aug 1st 2007 9:20PM Updated MMS? The iPhone only has SMS.

So what are the "enhanced" features of _SMS_ then?

CoverFlow, "Get all" podcasts in iTunes 7.3.1 (

Aug 1st 2007 9:05PM You mean you do not have an iPhone? This has been the way. Actually it is default for the iPhones iPod coverflow, it is not (Thank God) default for iTunes itself, in coverflow mode. Except for some podcasts that slip through as Music. That is, you have the music library highlighted, you see only music. Podcasts highlighted, podcasts. Video content.

I too, do not see this as a plus. I think iTunes needs an overhaul of the confusion to iTunes since the intro of the video iPods. It can be done with smart playlists, to segregate out the different sorts of podcasts (audio only vs Video; I do not see how the podcasts with slideshows get segregated if at all.

Coverflow is not an ideal ipod interface, and the old school iPod interface often gives one better choice of certain types of content.

Eight apps I want on the iPhone (

Jul 27th 2007 6:36PM I want to see more attention to Apps for the Mac to work with the iPhone data, rather than usable on the iPhone itself.

Such as maybe something to parse and store call logs over time.

And FIX iTUNES! I mean, I hate that I cannot...

-- see the size of my entire iTunes library (video and podcasts and music) in one easy look. You can add up MUSIC, and PODCASTS, etcetera, but you cannot simply see the size of EVERYTHING.

-- Don't you think it is time to be able to sift and sort Video and Audio podcasts without a smart playlist?

iPhone browser dialing found to be security threat (

Jul 16th 2007 11:19PM Aren't the phone numbers DISCOVERED by iphone safari given a dotted underline? That is, they are discovered as listed on the page, but not written into the html or whatever, as a link.

So the iphone just parses a number into something that can be loaded into the dialer.

As it would have a dotted underline, It shouldn't in most circumstances even RESEMBLE a regular link. Who the hell puts "Hit This Link to Phone Us" links on a web page?

I think I had something that was not a phone number in my contacts from address book, that I had placed in a phone number field, and the iphone tried dialing that (not a valid number).

Someone could list a restaurant in google, and it would show up on a map, and maybe that would be a way someone would hit a phone link. A lot of bad info shows up in google map searches, as being fed from regular google where someone may have been menioning THAT business, and THIS address, and so on.

QuickTime 7.2/iTunes 7.3.1 now available (

Jul 16th 2007 1:19PM Be nice if between MacFixit and everyone else, someone would PROPERLY troubleshoot this upgrade. I have not had a single problem EVER using Software Update, but the FUD on this release is enormous.

And I think most trouble reports are simply on the clent side, the user, the loose nut behind the keyboard.

On the trail of Fake Steve Jobs (

Jul 14th 2007 11:06PM In the new Harry Potter book, Fake Steve Jobs is killed.

iPhone Crowd Control (

Jun 20th 2007 10:51PM I will gladly forgo the line, if they will merely reserve one for me to pick up later within a few days, which has always been within their grasp, but not nearly as likely to create a media event.

If I cannot make it, and they run out, will I be angry?

Someone needs to tell the PR industry this event big bang opening weekend stuff is for the birds in an economy when most people want to timeshift their entertainment anyway.

Twitterrific 2.1 (

Jun 7th 2007 3:26PM Seriously, I simply do not understand why anyone would be interested in Twitter, so perhaps someone can clarify something for me.

It may be that I am only seeing the Twitter front page. Trying to think of a way it, might be useful (microblogging via SMS via ones cell phone or such), I am just not seeing that done. Perhaps because it doesn't work that way, or no one is llinking directly to their page that is nothing but their own twitters, where the one sentence might fall into a context of a days activities.

No one reporting on Twitter is describing it this way; no one is linking to a single author twitter blog with any SUBSTANCE. I suspect it could be done,,,,

Is the Apple TV a dud? (

Jun 3rd 2007 4:28AM People would love if AppleTV had a DVD player, or was a DVR, a Tivo of some sort, but if you want that, rig up a Mac Mini to do that.

One reason, as stated by Jobs, that there is NOT a dvd drive, nor a tuner, in the Apple TV, is because of the changing standards in the TV industry, with HDTV (Which not everyone has yet) and cable cards, and the general proprietar nature of cable boxes. There is not a Blu-Ray or HDDVD drive in any mac yet for similar reasons... why support a 'standard' that is NOT close to being able to stick yet, as content providers try to lock everything down?

Think of the apple TV as a streaming iPod, that is all it is. For now.