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Windows 8 Explorer to feature Ribbon UI, SkyDrive and Mesh integration? (Download Squad)

Apr 4th 2011 11:10AM I wnat to clear up a few points here:

This is a milestone build. What you see here is no way indictive of the final product. At this stage it's mostly slapping on some UI to access some of the new parts. So don't make any judgements about look untill at least beta 1, possibly beta 2

Images of Internet Explorer 9's new interface leaked: it's minimal, it's Metro! (Download Squad)

Apr 2nd 2010 11:19AM Anyone notice the top says "Windows Internet Explorer 9 platform Preview April Edition" ?

As in this is simply what teh next platform preview may look like, not ie9.

That would make more sense. make it into a somewhat more useful program by adding a minimal UI on it. Explains why there is no tabs, the lack of options, etc

Paint.NET 3.5 Beta 1 released - now with added shiny (Download Squad)

Sep 23rd 2009 10:17AM Anyone notice that the new beta has some crazy high cpu usage?

I don't have the best CPU in the word (athlon64 x2 4400) but CPU usage should not be spiking to 50% when you draw a line. It's so bad that you have to draw really slowly or else the line gets screwed up

Other then that, I like the new updates. It's getting to be a really nice app

Map FTP servers to Windows drives with NetDrive (Download Squad)

Jun 28th 2009 11:30AM Maybe I'm missing soemthing, but couldn't you do this anyways? Right now I have a FTP site set up in explorer I can write to using any program

Say goodbye to free support for Windows XP (Download Squad)

Apr 16th 2009 10:28AM Yes support for the RTM of xp home ended. XP SP3 support is at least untill 2010

Up next for Windows 7: A release candidate (Download Squad)

Jan 31st 2009 11:37AM Only one *public* beta. Internal testers had like 6-7 builds since the 7000 build.

European regulators could force Microsoft to unbundle Internet Explorer (Download Squad)

Jan 20th 2009 10:40AM I think it's crazy.

The EU won't stop at just removing the browser shell, you can be sure they willw nat to remove the render engine also. That would completly break windows and quite a few 3rd party programs. Help for instance would not work.

WebKit optimized iGoogle gets canned (Download Squad)

Jan 19th 2009 11:06AM Why exactly would this be a surprise? Google has a history of pulling support for competitors.

Recall how they had support for IE7's Opensearch on teh google main page? That was until they filed a lawsuit against Microsoft over how hard it was to add search engines to ie7 and suddenly the opensearch provider on the google main page vanished

How we know that Matrix doesn't run on Windows XP (Download Squad)

Nov 11th 2008 11:21AM
Ok, lets go after this form the movie side:

"They don't crash"
It has crashed in teh matrix. According to teh movie it's crashed multiple times. We are talking full reformat to fix it also

"They don't ask you to send error reports."
Didn't neo and people like him all talk to teh oracle, which is pretty much a program designed to fix bugs in teh system? Sound like error reporting to me

"And they don't bog down after you've been using them for a few months and the registry is filled with gunk from programs you've installed, uninstalled, and forgotten all about. "
Except that's exactly what neo was. He's the culmination of all the problems of the system. It's a huge error that caused massive problems within the system (think of what happened with agent smith in the last movie.)

I hope Xp is NOT like teh matrix, or else you would have a hacker that could access our system and do whatever he wnats and you can't do a single thing about it!