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Recent Comments:

Tron light cycle contest declares winners (Autoblog)

Apr 13th 2011 4:01PM Is that ... "It" ?

New Firefox Nightly and Aurora logos unearthed, and how to enable channel switching (Download Squad)

Apr 12th 2011 11:36AM They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Video: Driverless John Deere tractor terrorizes Walmart parking lot (Autoblog)

Apr 10th 2011 6:41PM Richmond Hill .... Ontario

The breast implant defense? (Autoblog)

Mar 28th 2011 2:59AM thanks :)

Vettel snags pole for Australian GP (Autoblog)

Mar 26th 2011 4:24PM AB been spoiling almost every f1 race for a while now. Do not visit the site if you havent watched yet.

The breast implant defense? (Autoblog)

Mar 26th 2011 1:13PM Who is the other girl ... so beautiful ....

Ford's Kuzak: diesels "don't make sense" for Americans (Autoblog Green)

Mar 10th 2011 9:38PM He's saying that rather than going through the process of re-engineering American models with diesel options, they will continue to use EcoBoost of which is already part of American model design from the get-go, and provides good enough economy.

But more importantly, EcoBoost provides the best power for efficiency of any gasoline system. Sure, you can get 60-70 mpg with some clean diesel systems ... but at a measly 70ish horsepower. Get real.

GM displeased over Chevy Volt's poor Green Car Book ranking (Autoblog Green)

Feb 23rd 2011 8:55PM By Lyle's math, the Leaf would get inifinite mpg ;)

Well actually, no. It would break the universe. You know, dividing by zero and all that.

Lyle Dennis logs 5,100 miles in Chevy Volt, burns 46 gallons of gas, averages 111 mpg (Autoblog Green)

Feb 22nd 2011 10:32PM 5100 miles / 90 days = 56.66~ miles per day. So he was a bit generous with the 60 mile figure. Anyways. EV range was upto 30 miles, so half the trip. So gas mileage = 30 miles per day. 30 miles times 90 days is about 2700 miles.

2700 miles through 46 gallons of gas is 58.7mpg, which is pretty much in line with what people were saying about that engine. No surprise there.

How does it compare? The upcoming 2012 Ford Focus is expected to gracefully hit 30~mpg highway without issue (I use highway as the Volt user also drove mostly highway). So you're looking at about 1400 miles for the same amount of gas. Or 170 gallons to match the same 5100 miles.

Just throwing a number of $3/gallon, $138 for the volt, $510 for the focus to cover the same distance of 5100 miles over 3 months. Savings of about $370 over 3 months.

So you spend about $33k on a Volt, $20k on a Focus. At $125 saved per month, you'd need 8 years to justify spending the extra $13,000 on the Volt in this example.

Of course everyone's driving experiences will be different, and who knows, some of you may never pay for gas.