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Video: Lady Camaro driver has bad day, tries to escape police, succeeds in burnout (Autoblog)

Jan 3rd 2011 12:51PM Lol. Best part is when she says "What did I do?"

Time to (finally) raise the requirements to get get a driver's license, including a psychological profile, logic and aptitude tests?

Report: Facing high gas prices, dealers get cautious with big SUVs (Autoblog)

Dec 30th 2010 9:07AM A year? Try 90 days.

Projected track puts gas at $3.90 a gallon by April 2011.

Cracks me up. In 2008 gas was +$3.50 a gallon and it nearly bankrupted all the car makers. Car sales dropped to zero. Then a few months later, gas went back to two bucks a gallon, and until this month hovered there...

During that interim, auto manufactures and the general public have been all "Oh, gas will never go back as high as it was in 2008, everything is fine, let's all buy V-8s again."

Failure to learn from the past...

Video: Epic showdown pits Ford rookie against GM vet in final laps of V8 Supercar race (Autoblog)

Oct 27th 2010 1:02PM Awesome.

NASCAR can only dream their televised product was *THAT* entertaining...

but, of course, in order to provide that kind of excitement, the cars have to turn left, use brakes, shift gears, use the production shell ( which people can buy at the showroom ), etc.

Video: First teaser trailer for Cars 2 released (Autoblog)

Oct 21st 2010 11:36AM "Mater" ( as in tow-mater ) cracks me up. Character's voice is all I hear when I see NASCAR highlights on Speed TV

Video: AMS Alpha 10 claims new quarter-mile record for Nissan GT-R (Autoblog)

Oct 11th 2010 3:32PM Queue the xenophobic, push rod apologists;.

"...I had a 1971 Corvette that ran 9.9 in the quarter!"

Rumormill: Rumblings of Zeta-based family of rear-wheel-drive GM sedans persist (Autoblog)

Sep 24th 2010 2:48PM "Rumblings of Zeta-based family of rear-wheel-drive GM sedans persist"

Guess it's not just the employees of Fiat ( aka Chrysler ) who've been smoking pot all day at work, GM too.

No one wants gas guzzling rear wheel drive cars - "We" the owners ( tax payers ) of GM need to monitor the meetings more closely I guess.

Video: Austin GP lap rendered and run (Autoblog)

Sep 22nd 2010 7:03PM Awesome! ( reminds me of Spa )

As I live in Austin... Can. Not. Wait.

Infographic: The Unstealable Car (Autoblog)

Sep 9th 2010 5:08PM 1. Build a Faraday cage large enough to enclose the car. 2. Hook to tow truck....3. Gone.

Video: Bad Habits' monster truck world record practice session doesn't go as planned (Autoblog)

Sep 2nd 2010 1:39PM Joe Sylvester's calculus FAIL!

Robbie Maddison's calculus WIN

mathematics > horsepower

Smart pummelled by U.S. sales freefall, tipped to sell under 100,000 globally? (Autoblog)

Aug 31st 2010 10:04AM Lower the damn price!

Here in Austin, with dealer price gouging and state taxes the things are over $30,000.00