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Video of the Day: Teen saves small town (ParentDish)

Jan 29th 2007 5:07AM I'd pay 20 cents more for a spatula if it keeps a local business in business. Exporting profits to Bentonville, Arkansas is only good for Bentonville, Arkansas.

Tom Cruise describes his daughter's birth as "spiritual" (ParentDish)

Apr 22nd 2006 7:35PM Don't believe entertainment news. You'd be surprised how much commentary and stories (80%+) are dreamed up by agents. Their public comments are crafted. Honest quotes usually are the flubbed ones... the ones we talk about because our perfect stars have fallen from grace because they revealed for a moment what they are really like, and we are shocked.

Try out Google's new interface (Download Squad)

Mar 25th 2006 11:58PM I've seen that interface come up while doing regular searches. Every now and then I see that layout instead of the normal one. It's rather distracting. I hit my back button and rerun the search to get the normal layout.