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Farewell, Internet (Download Squad)

May 18th 2011 5:29PM I miss Download Squad

AT&T increases tethering plan by 2 GB, still charges way too much (

Feb 3rd 2011 10:09PM I worst thing about it is that the data doesn't roll over like some minute plans do. So if I just happen to use up 2 GB in 29 days, I'm charged an extra $10 for 1 day of service.

I would have a problem paying $25 per 2 GB at a time. It would probably last me only 20 days but for my girlfriends phone and many otheres it would probably be once every six months and there lies the problems for the telecoms.

PlayOn brings Hulu, Netflix viewing to Android beta testers (Download Squad)

Feb 2nd 2011 10:58PM Has anyone ever gotten PlayOn to work more than twice?

The Daily, Rupert Murdoch's iPad newspaper, becomes Apple's first subscription app (Download Squad)

Feb 2nd 2011 10:56PM Needs to be free. Can't they serve up enough ads to make the bucks?

Skype for Windows adds group video calls (Download Squad)

Jan 6th 2011 7:45PM How much! ? ! ?

Google Voice app for iOS available now (Download Squad)

Nov 16th 2010 4:59PM Finally, really didn't like those 3rd party apps.

Apple releases new Gold Master for iOS 4.2, fixes iPad Wi-Fi bug (Download Squad)

Nov 13th 2010 9:58PM It's wasn't a Apple bug. It was a bug on every router ever made bug.

Microsoft's new slogan gets official (Download Squad)

Nov 9th 2010 9:53PM Like Windows 7 over OS X. iPhone over any other phone. iPad is more functional than my XP tablet. Don't really like any slogan or ad from MS except those I am a PC ads but this is even worse than anything ever in the history of all slogans.

Xbox Live Fall Dashboard update coming November 1 (Joystiq)

Nov 1st 2010 1:33AM Y is Xbox Live extra? They have ads.