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Windows 7 Tip: How to change the default audio device with a hotkey (Download Squad)

Jun 16th 2010 8:29AM AutoHotKy and that script just made my day. Huge thank you.

T3Desk is a slick, 3D window manager with Aero Peek support (Download Squad)

Dec 16th 2009 5:38AM Not very useful, and too complicate to work with, too many shortcuts...

Mac Pro takes a bullet, brings justice (TUAW.com)

Nov 23rd 2009 7:21PM Macs "Just works" like Justice "just works". Sure. And the

Intel shells out $1.25 billion to settle all AMD litigation (Engadget)

Nov 12th 2009 11:41AM This news made my day. It was about ten years ago when those struggles started. I admit I always parted for AMD.. and at last....

HP Create Amazing ad tilt-shifts our hearts (Engadget)

Nov 9th 2009 4:37PM Very similar to some works of the italian photographer Olivo Barbieri. google it.
same fancy effect, same trip around the world..

Paramount and Kingston team up for movies on flash memory (Engadget)

Nov 2nd 2009 8:49PM OMG!.!. remember that in star trek tng holomovies were on those transparent chips.. more or less like our USB pens... OMG!! THE FUTURE IS HERE!!!

Boston Dynamics PETMAN predicts the future of man as pet (video) (Engadget)

Oct 27th 2009 3:17AM that third joint.. where the hips should be... is not convincing me a lot...
remembers me of Metal Gear Solid...etc etc

Civilization is coming to Facebook (Download Squad)

Oct 23rd 2009 8:14PM I'm 30. Never played civilization once. I feel ok.

iriver N20 Mariah Carey edition reveals an unfortunate case of man-hands (Engadget)

Oct 19th 2009 6:49AM Oh Mariah,
please, stop pretending you're FAKEteen and telling us you're crazy for these new devices, as every teen "like you" should be.

Snow Leopard 'Guest Account' bug deleting user files, terrorizing children? (Engadget)

Oct 12th 2009 11:17AM This is software.
There's a bug.
Bug will be corrected.

every apple fanboy today learns that OS X is a software like others, not the Holy Spirit's sacred gift to humankind.