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WinVistaClub releases OneWorld theme for Windows 7 (Download Squad)

Feb 18th 2009 3:15PM @Steven Finch, it's as stable as (or even more than) Vista, I've had no problems yet. Check this screenshot:
Thanks for the tip, Lee, looks great!

Installing Windows 7 on a Mac (Download Squad)

Jan 23rd 2009 7:54PM what about seamless mode in VirtualBox?

Mailplane 2.0: desktop Gmail client now supports Gmail video chat (Download Squad)

Nov 24th 2008 2:04PM Windows version or equivalent??

Add Remember The Milk task manager to Gmail (Download Squad)

Nov 4th 2008 2:51PM Actually, this is good for all google gadgets, nice tip!

How to Chrome out your Firefox (Download Squad)

Nov 3rd 2008 6:52PM I recommend to use this with "ChromiGlass", this addon puts the tabs where they're supposed to be.
Greetings from Mexico!

BlackBerry Partners Fund announce first funded companies (Download Squad)

Oct 29th 2008 1:04AM It's awesome how the Blackberry platform is getting out of the office and getting into the "social".
Here in Mexico, Blackberry is yet the synonym for business and highly priced email check...too bad

Organize your music collection with TagScanner (Download Squad)

Apr 9th 2008 2:44AM I've been using this for a loooong time ago. Believe me, it does what it does, very very well!

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 37 (Engadget)

Sep 13th 2007 1:16AM Polaroid Please!!