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XWindows Dock is a better Leopard dock clone for Windows (Download Squad)

May 3rd 2009 1:10PM What exactly do you mean that it doesn't support drag-and-drop? I'm able to drag-and-drop icons from anywhere directly to the dock without any problems. Admittedly, it is a little quirky. The dock seems to glitch out a bit when bringing a new icon to the dock, but aside from a visual hiccup, it works just fine.

The only gripe I have with XWindows Dock is that if you're like me and you press Win+D to immediately bring up your desktop, XWD seems to be hidden by this command, as well as your windows, which is something that RK Launcher (my previous dock of choice) performed perfectly.

Comcast Center's video wall packs 10 million pixels into 27 x 87-foot display (Engadget)

Jun 19th 2008 8:04AM I guess when your service is so bad that the elderly will come busting up the computers in your lobby, you've gotta have SOMETHING to attract people to actually walk into your doors anymore.

Halo 3-themed Xbox 360 landing in September for $400 (Engadget)

Aug 7th 2007 7:54PM The way people are making fun of the color scheme, it makes me wonder why so many people still cosplay as Master Chief. If you don't like that color on your gaming console, why would you dress from head to toe in it?