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Member since: Aug 7th, 2007

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Amazon MP3 has little or no effect on iTunes (Download Squad)

Apr 16th 2008 4:01AM I probably buy 5 or 6 records a week through Amazon's MP3 store. I love it. They have quite a selection of hard to find indie music and stuff Itunes doesn't yet have on the radar. And it is DRM free and high quality 256 kbps. I can't go back to Itunes. It seems to be getting slower to open and work through, Itunes Plus has not grown much, still a LOT of proprietary stuff there, and I have 2 ipods and a zune to contend with.

Microsoft: Vista UAC was supposed to piss you off (Download Squad)

Apr 12th 2008 4:10AM You know, I wonder why no one ever mentions that Linux has a similar feature with Sudo, I don't understand why everyone is so freaked out... I consider myself to be a power user and regular Download Squad peruser, and I have no beef with it.

Bug causes Tiger Woods to choke, then freeze (Joystiq Xbox)

Aug 29th 2007 4:12PM I thought this game was pretty great. I was having a ball yesterday until it froze up and I kept getting a partial red-ring between the 2nd and 3rd holes. I thought my box was finally giving up on me. I'm glad it's just a bug...

Track & Field leaps into Live Arcade (Joystiq Xbox)

Aug 6th 2007 3:24PM Man I love this game. I used to spend hours at the arcade (I'm pretty old...) playing this and having so much fun trying to break the world records. Even though I have bought a lot of the XBLA games, this is the first I am really, really excited about.