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Internet Explorer 9 RC released: Everything you need to know (Download Squad)

Feb 11th 2011 6:09AM @Sebastian Anthony I don't see how keyword search is a chrome function when opera has had it for quite a few years and maxthon has had it since 2006. Your frame of reference does not equate to the facts :/

Hung: "A Dick and a Dream" or "Fight the Honey" (season finale) (AOL TV)

Sep 14th 2009 9:36PM are you really that dense that you didn't notice that damon is "in love" with his sister? They've been hinting at it for weeks, I know they aren't exactly an interesting part of the story but they made it quite obvious. I guess it's true what they say about the average viewer.

Anyway, no mention of the absolutely stupid last 5 seconds with tanya apparently becoming a new person due to another book. I doubt it'll change much but it's definitely relevant.

Some Kitchen Nightmares restaurants survive, some don't (AOL TV)

Jul 27th 2009 7:30PM I agree completely with Michael's post (apart from the bad spelling, it's RamsAy) as I was just about to write pretty much the same thing. As usual Bob shoots his mouth off cluelessly without doing any research or even thinking about looking on wikipedia at least. It still amazes me that he gets paid for his laughable attempts at posts.


Hell's Kitchen: Season six premiere - open thread (AOL TV)

Jul 22nd 2009 1:29PM People really seem to forget this is a Fox show. Every season they have shown less and less of the actual cooking and instruction and more of the reality show staples of random competitions, dramatic cuts and abrasive personalities. It's sad because looking back at the one season of UK Hell's Kitchen that Gordon did and in some respects the first season of the US show, the current version is literally nothing more than a trashy charicature which is a truly crude form of entertainment.

As wulfn1 pointed out, any of his shows not produced by Fox rely a lot less on the dramatic tension and bullshit (but still have plenty of swearing) and more on the business ethics required for a restaurant and the level of cooking required regardless of whether it's home cooking or at a professional establishment.

As for people whining about him being a bully, of course he is, with his background and the kind of culinary world he has worked in for the last 20 years, it's what he has always known and what has always produced the best chefs in the world. As for the truly unneccessary comments about Tracy Grimshaw it's just another one in a long line of competitive PR stunts that Gordon has been trained into thinking is the best way to keep himself spotlight by Fiona Lindsay.

If you actually think all people should be the same happy, love everybody equally selfless type of person you must live in a very narrow and dull world. The different kinds of people are the reason life is interesting and not every person in the world needs to be always nice to their workers to bring out the best in them. Gordon along with most good chefs throughout the world expect the best from their staff and in the heat of the kitchen and the moment will do and say anything to get that out of their staff. Ask any of the long term staff if they take it personally, ask them if they don't go and hang out with the same person that berates them, ask them if they respect them or not. The answer will generally be the same. The common goal and strive for perfection is just something certain types of driven people posess. So get off your high horse and find a better outlet to channel your sneering disgust into something useful.

(sorry for the long post)

Elonex launches £189 6-inch eBook reader through Borders UK (Engadget)

Jul 1st 2009 1:03PM "The Elonex eBook is available from Borders UK stores nationwide (UK) priced at £189 and includes 100 free eBooks, a free Mains charger and data cable. An optional eBook Accessory Pack is available for £29 and includes a luxury leather eBook case and a 4GB expansion card allowing up to 8000 eBooks to be stored."

Is it really THAT hard to read a press release correctly?

If web browsers were The Super Friends... (Download Squad)

Apr 3rd 2009 5:17PM Exactly.

I guess Maxthon would be Martian Manhunter. All the powers of superman plus more. One of the original super friends with all the things that the later ones bring to the table far in advance of the new comers. Neglected and misunderstood by writers even though he is easily one of the smartest and most powerful of all of them.

No surprise...NBC axes The Chopping Block (AOL TV)

Mar 28th 2009 8:43PM To amend your correction, Gordon Ramsay headed the first season, the second was fronted by Gary Rhodes & Jean Christophe Novelli and the third was done by Marco Pierre White, who for Allison's information is an English chef, not a European one (yes, there is a difference).

The real problem with the chopping block stemmed from the producers of the show completely ignoring the things that made the original bbc show (The Restaurant) interesting and instead deciding on a badly cobbled knock off of the other competitive cooking shows with marginal use of marco.

Which Brit series could have an American remake? (AOL TV)

Mar 22nd 2009 11:05AM series 2 of love soup has come and gone. It was far too formulaic in comparison to season 1 but still worth a watch.

Michael Landes was sorely missed but Tamsin Grieg was wonderful as always.

Yet another news program (and British adaptation) on American TV (AOL TV)

Mar 22nd 2009 10:16AM Seriously Brad, how hard would it have been for you to do some ACTUAL research before writing this post?

Even the basics of reading the wiki entry and watching some clips on youtube would have left you mildly informed and made this slightly less of a throw away post.

As for HIGNFY, it just won't work in the u.s. and especially on NBC as the show is at heart about satire and derision of everything and anything to do with the news and even if it somehow kept the format or found one that works, it would never last long enough for the presenters to become comfortable enough to produce a show as good as merton, hislop et al.

FeedDemon to add Google Reader synchronization (Download Squad)

Feb 2nd 2009 6:33AM The advert was going to be the last straw, I was planning to migrate all my feeds to some other platform... and then they finally have the common sense to add greader syncing. I guess i'll have to stick with it. Now if only they would sort out the bugs in the program and stop it being such a resource hog we might finally have a worthy rss reader.