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Farewell, Internet (Download Squad)

Apr 13th 2011 10:45AM Anything with the name Huffington involved is cold, heartless and crazy! Just like that strange red-headed witch who runs it all!

BlueStacks will let you run Android apps on Windows (Download Squad)

Apr 6th 2011 2:16PM This would be fantastic for multimedia apps like sports radio or whatnot. Can't wait

Classic Shell now makes Internet Explorer 9 look like IE8 (Download Squad)

Apr 6th 2011 2:10PM I'm amazed at people who still don't know how to properly use windows 7 despite that it's easier and more user friendly then ever.


a)it's supposed to fill your taskbar and b) if you don't like it you can make the icons smaller, and/or enable the quick launch bar still.

BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 screenshots leak (Download Squad)

Apr 6th 2011 2:06PM People still use blackberry?

Grooveshark gets kicked out of the Android Market (Download Squad)

Apr 6th 2011 1:51PM Just FYI, you can install anything on your AT&T phone if you have root and simply enable allow non-market apps. Google it if no one knows how.

Warner Bros. renting movies on Facebook for $3 (Download Squad)

Mar 8th 2011 11:49PM Nope, doesn't work in Canada. Surprise, Surprise!

I bet it only works in California or New York.

Either way I applaud their ingenuity, but I don't know anyone who would want to watch a movie on a pc given a choice.

Download every Sports Illustrated 2011 Swimsuit photo with a simple Perl script (Download Squad)

Feb 16th 2011 3:47PM @Max put the .pl script in the same folder you installed wget into

WinZip releases new System Utilities Suite, we go hands-on (Download Squad)

Feb 14th 2011 11:32AM winzip is still around? I thought everyone has migrated to either winrar or 7zip.

Windows Phone 7 data leak problem traced to Yahoo! Mail app (Download Squad)

Feb 1st 2011 10:05AM Ya know as a potential customer, I was following the WP7 developments really closely. I wasn't really sure what my next smartphone would be and I love my zune. But, Microsoft made such a half-hearted attempted to even bother with the phone market I can't believe that what they put out is the final product. There are no updates as of yet as promised (which they said would happen very frequently) and I've heard nothing but guff from early adopters. Why would anyone with half a brain buy this thing?

As for me, I'm going with Android as soon as the right plan comes along.

Microsoft testing new "Be what's next" Metro- and IE9-inspired homepage (Download Squad)

Jan 19th 2011 11:39AM Be whats next? should go more like - be whats already been, is popular and can be exploited and possibly refined.

I don't think the company has ever come out with an original product.