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Joyswag: Halo: Reach 'Legendary Edition' giveaway (Joystiq)

Sep 14th 2010 6:17PM My xbox, halo reach, and Hawty Mcbloggy so we can play co op

Preview: Halo: Reach (Firefight) (Joystiq)

Jun 28th 2010 7:29PM I am a big fan of Haloz... I have played shooters for a long time but Halo has stuck with me because it hits on all cylinders for me. I feel that Reach will be an amazing game. While FireFight is basically Horde Mode and Gears did it first... I enjoy FireFight more and I think Bungie did this gametype better. I also think this game type will continue to grow in popularity. I am especially stoked for the customizations that are enabled in Firefight... All those Nerds with spare time are gonna make some seriously unique and fun gametypes for FireFight... Just think...fighting only Hunters and Chieftains... trying to kill the Sea of Grunts...

Thank you Bungie....

Joyswag: Call of Booty: Modern Wardrobe (Joystiq)

Nov 11th 2009 12:29PM Purple Paisley smoking jacket, Magenta silk pants, baby goat leather fur lined sandals and of course my Lucky Strikes. Filters and aimless lobbing handgrenades are for pussies.

David Spade Cashes in on Chris Farley's Memory With DirecTV Ads (Switched)

Oct 27th 2009 5:26PM I see you took my comments down you coward. Your opinion about David Spade capitalizing on his friend Chris Farley is unfounded buggery.
Chris Farley's family is making money on this ad too, since I am sure Chris Farley has family. Do you think maybe they had a choice about it? Do you think Farley's family has control over his likeness?? hmmm?

If you dont like David Spade fine... I can accept that... but stating he is captializing on his friend because times are tough?

Was this post worded more to your liking? AH..

Thwack! Left 4 Dead 2 survivors play a bit of cricket (Joystiq)

Jul 7th 2009 8:44PM Well actually the Cricket has a tendancy for Victoria's Bitters...


Thwack! Left 4 Dead 2 survivors play a bit of cricket (Joystiq)

Jul 7th 2009 5:21PM No self respecting Aussie.. spelled Ozzie ... would ever be caught dead in a helmet. EVER

Dead Space Extraction box art is terrified and screaming (Joystiq)

Jul 1st 2009 12:00PM Hey look at the article about "Damnation Devs" on the main Joystig page. Look at the hot chicks face....after checking out her bewbs..
now look at the girls face on the dead space cover.... COINCIDENCE!!?? I think NOT!!!

Xbox Live Deal of the Week: Fable 2's Knothole Island [update] (Joystiq)

Jun 29th 2009 2:31PM @Chris D.(PSN: Aggie_CEO | XBL:The Aggie CEO | Steam: Aggie_CEO

Get yer butt over to this site my friend and get gold...


Obama makes a grave mistake (Engadget)

Jun 10th 2009 2:05PM His phone is ON... it should be OFF,
otherwise that plane will instantly burst into flames and crash causing a huge fireball of death