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J Allard says no Zune Phone on the horizon, Zune tattoo guy weeps (Engadget)

Oct 3rd 2007 11:29AM It's kind of a shame, because the extra phone competition would drive apple to further innovate the iPhone... but then again, we certainly don't need one more iPhone copy out there.

Video of the new Zunes, interface, and software (Engadget)

Oct 3rd 2007 11:26AM It's like cool-cop lame-cop.

Microsoft beefs up Zune music and community experience (Engadget)

Oct 3rd 2007 11:02AM In any market it's hard to compete with the market leader in the market leader's signature product, so give microsoft a break. I think the new features are a big improvement and A for effort. Also makes for good fodder for funny online comics:

2007 VMAs: Britney's Ill-Advised Comeback and Not a Whole Lot More (Spinner)

Sep 10th 2007 11:02AM Britney's performance was so bad that I had to create an online comic about it:
And that means it's pretty bad.

Jobs on iPhone price drop: "That's technology." (

Sep 6th 2007 10:02AM That's technology???!!! Robbery is more like it!
Plus i think the nano looks fat and ugly. My online comic dittos the feeling:

iPods all run video out (

Sep 6th 2007 9:17AM hmmm. With the video out seamlessly integrated, i might be able to get over the new fat iPod look:

Funny bidness -- cell phone throwing, office fights, reincarnation and no-wait dining (BloggingStocks)

Aug 30th 2007 2:41PM On the point of refusing access to reincarnation, I imagine surfing the internet in China must now look like this:

BBC: WoW behavior can predict epidemic patterns (WoW)

Aug 22nd 2007 9:54AM As this Mumbo Gumbo comic demonstrates, funness of game play is inversely correlated to similarity of game with unfunness of reality:

Dabble Do: a to do list for your facebook (Download Squad)

Aug 9th 2007 8:23AM I'd prefer to keep my intimate ToDos to myself, but i guess i'm just so 1.0

Mumbo Gumbo's comic today is about Dabble Do:

We are all pretty addicted to email, we know (Download Squad)

Aug 3rd 2007 5:06PM Someone created a funny cartoon about this on ITGumbo. See if it makes you laugh: