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Member since: Mar 21st, 2006

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More proof that there is no A List (or at least if there is, it means NOTHING!) (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Mar 19th 2007 8:01PM Gee, looks like Tony's deepjiveinterests is down. Evidence of the A-list conspiracy at work.

Kidding! Great post.

Adobe CS3 icons revealed (TUAW.com)

Dec 21st 2006 6:44PM I was sure it was a beta icon when I first saw it. I was surprised to learn they're a new style. I don't think you can say this icon was really "designed" since it doesn't look like it, at all. I support Adobe in the color idea and trying to unify icons across their product suite, but they can afford to put a little more imagination into it than this. These products are primarialy directed at designers and visual people, and come 2007 I won't even want to put this icon in my dock since it looks so terrible!

Why digg is destined for failure (Download Squad)

Dec 11th 2006 1:48PM Couple of points: I do agree that the "lowest common denominator" of digg is on the negative, populartiy contest, hot chick side, but digg never advertised itself as being a bastion of intellectual superiority. The podcast features two dudes yapping about tech over beers. Second, although digg traffic is brutal and most people come and go, my experience in terms of regular traffic and ads has been mostly positive. It's not the ideal way to build an audience but it sure beats waiting around for people to discover your site through search engines. Lastly, I'll start worrying about digg when I see the New York Times pandering by running a story titled "Top 10 Reasons Why Hot Apple Beer Loving Steve Jobs Fan Boys Wii!". It hasn't gotten that bad... yet.

Goodbye Mac guy (AdJab - Awaiting Deletion)

Nov 8th 2006 7:55PM That is a good angle I didn't think of. Give the PC guy a makeover as a switcher. Document his progress as he is introduced to an easier way of doing everything. Could be really funny.

What will Apple Do ? (Blog Maverick)

Oct 19th 2006 1:15PM How about using iTV to watch YouTube videos on your television. Then if you want to own the video you just watched at low quality, there is a link to the iTunes Store.

Some thoughts on Youtube and Google (Blog Maverick)

Oct 8th 2006 12:00PM Mark I'm thinking if this deal is real, Google solves the bandwidth problem for YouTube. The copyright thing I haven't heard as much on, and you do raise some good points. However I think there's enough draw to the original content to sustain YouTube even with all the copyright stuff taken way. Obviously full on movies or tv shows have got to go.

But maybe YouTube can somehow keep the grey area stuff like music videos and commercials. The entertainment companies should be thanking YouTube for showing old 80s videos and commercials from the 70s, frankly.

The (Calacanis) Ethicist: Can I rip my Netflix DVD to my laptop/iPod for a flight? (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Sep 29th 2006 11:20AM I say no problem, because 1) you're not sharing this DVD rip by posting it on the internet, 2) you're not showing it in public and charging people to make money off it 3) you're deleting the file after you watch it. 4) you're not costing netflix or the movie companies any money when you do this. You already paid the rental fee. No harm done to others which is part of the definition of what's ethical.

That said I doubt any of this would stand up in court but this is ethics not what's legal.

iTunes to be rebranded as "Showtime?" (TUAW.com)

Sep 12th 2006 12:29PM It makes too much sense: "It's Showtime". The name Showtime could be applied to the movie download service.

Important to differentiate the movie service and associated hardware from iTunes, even if it is essentially iTunes 7.0 with an updated movie store.

How often do you upgrade? (TUAW.com)

Sep 9th 2006 12:02PM Seems like about 4 years. With two Macs (desktop and portable), you can alternate and stagger the upgrades by about two years and always have one or the other current. So I'm probably buying a new Mac every two years.

Blog or die. (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Aug 31st 2006 11:39AM Meh, as someone who at times has to rack his brains to come up with blog ideas, let me just say, easier said than done... maybe you should offer some suggestions to these potential bloggers rather than just say "Do it or quit".

Writing a decent blog means writing skills in addition to being knowledgeable about your topic. Not everyone is a writer, especially middle management and above folks, who specialize in the short, terse, as-few-words-as-possible email. Maybe they don't want to blog because they think they can't write.

What are your suggestions on how you come up with posts and how you approach the idea of blogging on a regular basis?