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Iconfactory's Take Five iPhone app keeps you from listening to hours of silence (Download Squad)

Oct 14th 2010 3:22AM I wouldn't buy anymore apps from Iconfactory if I were you! Remember Twitterriffic 2.0 premium edition? Yeah me too, unfortunately no updates have been made to this paid app so it doesn't work anymore #sigh#, Guess me and all the other 2.0 premium users were left out in the cold. So when I checked this with IF's customer service, they said there's a new 3.0 that will fix all the problems, great! Until I downloaded it and tried to redeem my premium (several times) only to find out that I needed to pay again, if I wanted an ad free version.

IconFactory: You need to support your customers, and I'm not the only one, check out the app store comments for your terrific Twitterriffic, it's not looking so good now.

Either fix premium 2.0, or give everyone who's supported you a premium version of 3.0.

Oh and for anyone looking for a great Twitter app for the iphone I'd recommend TwitBird, it's free with no crappy ads!

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Aug 1st 2007 6:53AM Persian Emissary: My arm!
Stelios: It's not yours anymore. Go now, run along and tell your Xerxes that he faces free men here, not slaves. Do it quickly, before we decide to make our wall just a little bit bigger.