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Google rolls out Blogger Beta (Download Squad)

Aug 14th 2006 9:45PM That's a valid point, again, if you're serious about blogging then hosting something, such as Wordpress, is definately a good way to go. At the same time, if the only thing you want to care about is the overall look of the blog and the content, then going for some free hosting with a blogger blog is a good way to go.
Decisions, decisions.

Google rolls out Blogger Beta (Download Squad)

Aug 14th 2006 9:09PM For a beginner, is okay, but for someone who knows a bit of coding, I think blogger is the way to go, you can have a decent looking blog going in no time at all. Alternately, if you MUST have WP, I suppsoe doing your own install would be the best idea. I've yet to get my blog up, I was going to do an install of Wordpress but now I am seriously going to reconsider this and use a well-designed Blogger blog. I think someone needs to do a comparison for people like me who need to make a decision.

An amazing open source and free Windows program collection (Download Squad)

Aug 3rd 2006 11:22AM How awesomely awesome that you've recognized the country, much thanks, Grant! Remember your audience isn't from the US alone! :D

Microsoft Office 2007, here's my 150 cents (Download Squad)

Jul 31st 2006 6:26PM "this Office really does have it's charms"
Should just be "its charms". We all have our off days :)

Funny I see this post when I was just looking for the beta, Microsoft's site is so hard to figure out. Blah.

Blog editors compared, voted on (Download Squad)

Jul 30th 2006 12:46PM I've heard good things about ecto, but it costs money and I don't really see the need to go get something like that when I've been able to find which works really well.

Presenting, the GDC bag of schwag (Joystiq)

Mar 20th 2006 7:17PM "I don't what half of them are for;"

You may want to check there for the omission of a word.

Those socks seems so cool, but platinum sponsor? Now why am I asking myself if [adult swim] is run by a bunch of yeller haired gals?

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