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Red, White, and Blue: 'Captain America' Set Photos (Cinematical)

Sep 10th 2010 1:20AM Alberto,

The only moron I see here is you! Captain America is a going to be tough to sell here in America let alone around the world. Let's face it, too many countries hate us as it is, and Americans are getting sick of war. To try and come out with Captain America now and make it a period piece is a very bad move. I think the comments reflect the disappoint people have over the direction this movie is going rather than the crappy photo posted. And to make this movie with a director that hasn't made a good movie yet, is just making matters worse.

Red, White, and Blue: 'Captain America' Set Photos (Cinematical)

Sep 9th 2010 10:26AM Corny... even for a 'period' piece

Five Flicks to Avoid If You're Afraid of Being Eaten By Aquatic Creatures (Cinematical)

Aug 24th 2010 10:42AM The Abyss was wronged by the huge plot changing scenes that were cut from the release. If you watch it - make sure it's the special edition. The only special edition of anything worth watching because it changes the film - dramatically!

Marvel's Comic-Con 'Avengers' Teaser Trailer Now Online (Cinematical)

Aug 5th 2010 10:40AM "get psyched"... Ahhh, I dont think so. I was excited for a second, until I actually saw the 'trailer'.

Which leads me to another point, since when does a few seconds of nothingness qualify as a teaser trailer?

Haim and Feldman Were Working on 'License to Drive' Trilogy (Cinematical)

Mar 12th 2010 5:03PM Feldman is 100% right!!

Everyone reads the tabloids, papers and TMZ and laughs at all these actors going through a hard time. Everyone likes to point the finger at other people (they dont even know) and laugh! Why? Because they made something of themselves? They make movies and you don't? They have or had talent and you never did? In reality those people are the ones that need help! Laughing at other people's problems with addiction is a crime and people should be ashamed of themselves.

The actors that come out to say how "sorry" they were for the loss are the ones looking to capitalize on the death of someone they couldn't give 2 shits about.

Feldman was his best friend, for a loooong time. He has every right to express himself and I would be shocked if he didnt come out during this tough time.

This article and the replies it got are proof the world is full of jerkoffs who need to laugh at other people because they never realized their dreams in life.

What's the Worst Movie You've Ever Seen? 'Batman & Robin'? (Cinematical)

Feb 3rd 2010 5:37PM ...And to the guy who said Battlefield Earth is a guilty pleasure... you should be hung and stoned to death!!

sciencetology freaks

What's the Worst Movie You've Ever Seen? 'Batman & Robin'? (Cinematical)

Feb 3rd 2010 5:31PM Worst - List - Ever!! Who the hell voted on this??? Sure, Spiderman 3 wasn't a good movie but the #50 worst of all time??? Right next to Showgirls??? Come on now!! This is a joke right!?!?

What happened to Joe vs The Volcano? (The only movie I actually walked out on in the theater)

A much more true to life list would be the IMDB Bottom 100

If Opera 10 doesn't get noticed, we're all in big trouble (Download Squad)

Aug 25th 2009 2:29PM Opera is simply fighting a losing battle. Every time they've come out with a new feature that's better then something in Firefox or Explorer, the features just get added to the other browsers next release.

I remember Opera was the first to introduce tabbed browsing... how long did that last?

If Opera 10 doesn't get noticed, we're all in big trouble (Download Squad)

Aug 25th 2009 2:25PM Opera has been free for over 5 years now.

Pre phones home with your location, which explains the black helicopters all around you (Engadget)

Aug 12th 2009 5:45PM ahh.... you people are aware that if you goto "Location Services" on the Pre you can turn off background collection no matter what you picked the first time you turned on the phone.

I leave everything turned off - GPS, Background Data Collection, Auto Locate, everything. And it doesnt effect programs that use GPS at all! The program will ask you whether or not you want to turn GPS on.