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GPS Platforms help Working Girls of the Night (Gadling)

Sep 2nd 2007 9:37AM Nice angle work them hoes into the articles. :)

Can you see the digital pimps now? Dont make be Shock You...

GPS + The technology in those dog training collars. Now you got a winner. Patent Pending.

Worth a chuckle on a Sunday morning from your friends @

Photo of the Day (8/18/07) (Gadling)

Aug 18th 2007 2:35PM Wow thats just nuts! I got pretty close to sharks @ Atlantis in the Bahammas but nothing that looked like it could eat me whole.

Thanks from your friends @

How to speed up OpenOffice (Download Squad)

Aug 18th 2007 1:24PM Awesome. Just what we were looking for! Thank you from your friends over @

We are really big fans of Open Office and are trying to push for a corporate move to it. Every little bit helps!

Locate Fast Food Restaurants with (Gadling)

Aug 14th 2007 7:42AM That is a interesting resource - is there a way to add other specific chains?

Thanks from your friends over @

Lights Off: a native iPhone game (

Aug 14th 2007 7:39AM Got it working - and it really does look good. Hopefully this is a HUGE step in the right direction for more good looking iPhone apps. Let the coding begin... err umm Continue!

Thanks from your friends over @

Dell Axim X50v gets unofficial Windows Mobile 6 upgrade (Download Squad)

Aug 10th 2007 7:38PM Does anyone know if this rom include the remote desktop client? Can you believe its not on the wing?

Thanks from