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Farewell, Internet (Download Squad)

Apr 12th 2011 1:33PM Guess the 'AOL Way' is at work again. Sad to see you guys go.

Toyota pulls Cydia theme and ads to appease Apple (Download Squad)

Apr 6th 2011 9:01AM 'Toyota was simply trying to make some money, for shame!'

Apple sees that as a shame, and would love to help - for a 30% fee + plus ad revenue.

Windows 8 welcome screen revealed, looks very Metro (Download Squad)

Apr 1st 2011 7:45PM @Batman You can turn on the CTRL + ALT + DEL prompt. It's also a default on any domain-connected Windows machine going back to NT.

Test that showed Android browser faster than iPhone Safari was flawed (Download Squad)

Mar 18th 2011 9:04AM The fact that the embedded viewer doesn't recieve the same performance enhancements as full-on Safari smells pretty bad. Since web apps = no (direct) revenue and given Apple's track record of a level of contempt for developers, I'd say the argument that it is intentional gets a bit more credible.

Ask DLS: What's your favorite mobile app at the moment? (Download Squad)

Mar 17th 2011 3:54PM WP7 People Hub & Twitter for far as screenshots...well...about that...

Microsoft releases details of the upcoming Silverlight 5 (Download Squad)

Dec 3rd 2010 11:41AM April 2011 seems to be the month pegged for the first beta release.

Auto HD for YouTube lets you pre-set Chrome for 720p in YouTube (Download Squad)

Nov 19th 2010 1:10PM I've used this for a few months, and while it has been great, there's definitely some strange behavior. For instance, sometimes the video buffers so slowly it's unusable - but adding &hd=1 to the address and reloading the page immediately gets things rolling. I think it's more of a Youtube stream-switching issue than anything.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: What to buy your favorite geek this year (Download Squad)

Nov 14th 2010 9:26PM I gave them my $36 for the year about 6 months ago...and my bank account hasn't been cleaned out yet.

It's been a great investment, although if you're worried about it, be sure to use a credit card or something you'll be adequately protected with - I know BofA's credit cards let you generate a one-time use credit card number for just these kinds of situations. It's called ShopSafe, I believe.

But yeah, Grooveshark is awesome - got it on my BlackBerry, have the Desktop app - it's definitely worth it.

Fugly Friday: Untabbed is a horrid-looking search engine assistant (Download Squad)

Nov 5th 2010 8:28PM That awful blue has appeared on 50%+ of fugly friday entries. That cyan-ish color needs to cast off into the fiery hell that Comic Sans belongs in.

Trend Micro raises a stink over Security Essentials via Windows Update (Download Squad)

Nov 5th 2010 9:36AM People are never happy. They whine and complain about viruses\malware on Windows machines. Microsoft makes leaps and strides in securing the desktop with UAC, great free antivirus and a security-first attitude, and people still complain. Such is life, I suppose.

Perhaps Trend Micro should spend time giving people a compelling reason to buy, rather than whining about an optional update.