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Minnesota, powered by Microsoft, becomes first US state to move into the cloud (Download Squad)

Sep 27th 2010 2:25PM Uh, Minnesota has nearly 1.5 million more people than LA. Or was it actually Los Angeles County that switched?

Coq Au CheerVin - Fancy Fast Food (Slashfood)

May 21st 2010 1:40PM If you get that biscuit from Bojangles, there's a good chance it's already hard and crusty!

Carolina-Style Pulled Pork - Feast Your Eyes (Slashfood)

Apr 7th 2010 10:25AM This person can't be from North Carolina, there's no brown sugar in NC barbecue! Just smoked pork, vinegar, and red pepper.

Ben & Jerry's Newest Flavor (Slashfood)

Apr 6th 2010 1:17PM Where in the world do you live that isn't near a Supercenter? All the Wal-Marts near me are Supercenters.

Eyes on LG's Color Pop monitors, just called Coke in the south (Engadget)

Sep 3rd 2009 9:02PM I don't know if it's just because eastern NC is the home of Pepsi, but I have never heard anything other than Coca-Cola referred to as Coke.

'What Can I Get You Folks?' - When Should Your Server Say No? (Slashfood)

Aug 20th 2009 7:39PM Seriously, Slashfood, fix your RSS feed. I've already seen this article!

Logitech's Harmony 900 remote controls components behind closed doors (Engadget)

Aug 11th 2009 9:25AM Actually, you can do that, not only with this one, but with the older Harmony 890 as well. In the setup, you can direct your commands to a specific wireless extender instead of sending it to all of them at once.

Giada De Laurentiis: Rachael Ray and I Are Not BFFs (Slashfood)

May 26th 2009 5:39PM This is a little off topic, but what's up with the RSS feed today? This article appeared 10 times for me in Google Reader!

Oregon Proposing Largest Beer Tax Hike In The Nation's History (Slashfood)

Feb 17th 2009 1:55AM It's amazing the lengths Oregon has gone to to avoid implementing a sales tax like almost every other state, which would surely bring in more revenue than just taxing beer.

Martha Stewart Tours East Village Restaurants (Slashfood)

Jan 26th 2009 12:03AM Martha may come on at 11 on the NBC affiliate where you live, but it's a syndicated show, which means it might come on a different channel at a different time for other people. Where I live, it airs at 1:00 PM on the ABC affiliate. You may want to change your post to say something like "check your local listings".