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Sony's latest Cyber-shots boast 3D sweep panorama, background defocusing (Engadget)

Jul 8th 2010 6:17AM Here is an interesting bit from the press release:

As an extra refinement, new Background Defocus makes it easy to achieve pro-style images, similar to the results achieved with a DSLR camera and wide-aperture lens. Cyber-shotâ„¢ rapidly shoots two frames when the shutter button is pressed. Position information between the foreground and background is analysed automatically, creating a single picture with your subject in sharp focus and a beautifully blurred background. New Soft Skin mode flatters portrait subjects even further, automatically removing small wrinkles and skin blemishes for effortlessly beautiful results.

Massively's mystery beta key giveaway (Massively)

Feb 6th 2010 6:48PM I'd like to test this unknown game :3

First Chevrolet Volt battery rolls off the assembly line, wonders where its home is (video) (Engadget)

Jan 7th 2010 8:42PM This must be the most relaxing assembly line I've ever seen.

Aigo jumps on the e-reader bandwagon with EB6301 (Engadget)

Dec 21st 2009 1:37AM The Chinese text besides "Aigo" reads "ai guo zhe", it means "patriot" in Chinese.

Please hammer, don't hurt Samsung's flexible OLED prototype (video) (Engadget)

Oct 16th 2009 9:53AM Background song: AMOLED by Son Dambi and After School http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEWkDQI0jN4

Mythic wages WAR in the East (Massively)

Jun 21st 2009 5:51AM This is Taiwan, not Mainland China.

Logitech's G13 gameboard turns it up to level 80 (Engadget)

Dec 10th 2008 5:18AM Too bad you can only go up to level 70 in Burning Crusade.

Countdown to Wrath Giveaway: Day 5 - Footprints of Illidan loot card (WoW)

Nov 9th 2008 4:51AM I approve of this footprinting.