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Engadget Black Friday giveaways (part 2): Nikon D40 DSLR! (Engadget)

Nov 24th 2006 4:30PM Crossing my fingers that you pick me! The D40 rules.

TUAW Tip: Quit applications using Application Switcher (TUAW.com)

Jan 30th 2006 11:14AM This is how I quit apps 95% of the time. I love it.

New MiniStore in iTunes 6.0.2 (TUAW.com)

Jan 10th 2006 8:19PM Plus if you select a song it gives you the artist page, the otpion to write a review or gift it and links to what people who bought that artist also bought. And don't bother with the edit menu - there's a handy button to show and hide it beside the equalizer. It's a cool new feature, but I would've preferred a sidebar I think (although I suppose it would've gotten awkward with the source list).

Apple posts Intel ad (TUAW.com)

Jan 10th 2006 7:49PM Great voiceover by Kiefer, amazing ad. But come on Apple - no HD version?

KeePass: Free secure password manager for Windows (Download Squad)

Oct 25th 2005 6:49PM An application that's very good for this on the Mac is Wallet (it looks like it serves the same function as this but with a nicer interface), from Waterfall software. It's definitely in need of an update, but the developer sounds like he's working to meet user requests. And the iPod sync is great. http://www.waterfallsw.com/wallet/ Just thought I'd share in case any Mac users were looking.

Make iTunes accept non-native video formats (TUAW.com)

Oct 17th 2005 7:17PM You can also save it as a self-contained movie from within Quicktime Pro, which will import into iTunes find and doesn't act as a reference movie.

Ask Download Squad: What media player(s) do you use? (Download Squad)

Oct 17th 2005 5:51PM iTunes 6 for audio and Quicktime 7 for video (I'm hoping a 6.1 update to iTunes brings the ability to open video files externally in Quicktime). It sounds dumb, but I can say that my musical taste improved 100% after I switched to using iTunes on Windows (and then to Mac). Its organization just creates this desire to find every amazing song on the face of the earth, and the Music Store is incredible. It's weak for videos, but I'll give it time to improve.

Watercooler Talk: What shows do you want to see in iTunes? (AOL TV)

Oct 15th 2005 10:43AM Veronica Mars, Alias (come on - it's on ABC!), Prison Break, The O.C., How I Met Your Mother, CSI and the entire series of Friends. I'd also love to see some Disney and Looney Toons shorts, and some more Saturday-morning style cartoons.

Silly Survey Sunday: What's in a name (revisited)? (TUAW.com)

Sep 25th 2005 11:17AM My iMac's named Chandler Bing, my harddrive's named Chanandler Bong, printer's named Joey, iPod's named Duck and my shuffle's named Chick.

Tiger Bits: All Roads Lead to the iTMS (TUAW.com)

May 5th 2005 8:10AM But.... what about the cute little musical notes beside your now playing music that showed up in Apple's Tiger screenshots!! I loved those! They made it obvious it was a music status, and that I wasn't actually doing whatever the song title was. Are they gone? I haven't been able to find a Tiger friend to use iChat with to try this out yet, but... gone? They were my favourite part! Anyways, the links to the music store are great - just like Microsoft's linked song names from MSN statuses to their Music Store in MSN 7 (windows) now. Although since I actually use the iTMS, this is a much nicer addition.