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2008 Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes - Day 7: DashDAQ Series II (Autoblog)

Dec 23rd 2008 6:04PM My WRX would love you forever.

Win a LaCie Rugged and iPod nano from PowerMax (

Dec 11th 2008 2:13PM I would useit in my Mac Mini carPC, automobile life can be hard on drives!

Win a Magellan Roadmate 1400 satnav and 'Baja: Edge of Control' for the Xbox 360! (Engadget)

Sep 29th 2008 6:50PM GPS: Save my girlfriend a little stress.
Game: Recover some 'me' time with the XBOX360!

Thanks Engadget!

VIDEO: How to make art and ruin an Audi TT simultaneously (Autoblog)

Aug 20th 2008 7:33PM You hope they get dunked into a pool by a crane, and their picture taken with a beautiful model? I wish I worked on that set in a parallel universe where your hopes represented a reality. Idiot.

Father's Day Sweepstakes, Day 5: TomTom ONE 3rd Edition (Autoblog)

Jun 20th 2008 1:56PM I flew my Dad in a Cessna (he's an aspiring pilot, just about to pass the flight-check) from our small town in WA to Seattle, where we boarded a flight for Phoenix, AZ. After arriving in AZ we picked up my new (to me) 2003 Sonic Yellow WRX. We spend the next three days on a great road-trip through the backroads (and sometimes the deserts) of Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington, sleeping in the car. We had a blast driving the car in all sorts of conditions (from the snow in Yosemite at the passes, to the rain(!) in Death Valley, to the curvy roads of state parks, but the best part was the uninterrupted time with my dad.

Circuit board luggage tags (DIY Life)

Jan 18th 2008 5:19PM Worst. Idea. Ever.
TSA Officer: Ma'am come with me.
Lady: What? Why?
TSA Officer: We're gonnah have to perform a search of your luggage.
Lady: I don't understand, what did I do?
TSA Officer: *as he removes her panties, tampons, condoms, anitfungal cream, etc. from her bag* Well Ma'am you were dumb enough to use circuit board on your bag, which we construe as a threat. Please just co-operate.
Lady: Damn DIYLife!

Windows Vista SP1 RC could go public in mid-December (Download Squad)

Nov 30th 2007 12:48AM Nope I can more or less verify that this will not be happening. I just spent the day at the Power Together system builders conference with Microsoft and AMD and they confirmed they will not be releasing SP1 until january.

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 5 (Engadget)

Sep 5th 2007 1:29AM me please!

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 4 (Engadget)

Sep 4th 2007 7:52PM I want to win all of it!