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Farewell, Internet (Download Squad)

Apr 14th 2011 4:57AM This really is a shame. I've been a reader of this site since it started and it's introduced me to many incredibly useful pieces of software.

Good luck to you all - you created and grew something amazing, of which you can all be proud.

How to move the Firefox or Chrome cache to a RAM disk and speed up surfing by 20% or more (Download Squad)

Nov 10th 2010 3:09PM Wow - I just tried this and Firefox is WAY faster. It'd been taking up to 5 seconds just to open the app, and then it would be sluggish. I switched to Chrome as a result - and the faster rendering - but really miss the apps; they're not as advanced in Chrome.

I really might switch back now - going to experiment some more.

Is there a non-software way to do this in Chrome? Our company IT policies prevent this sort of thing (running 3rd party software).

Great tip danielkza - +1

Paste copied text without formatting in Google Chrome (Download Squad)

Sep 17th 2010 7:20AM Microsoft Office products have had this for ages, no? Including Outlook.

I always paste in their apps using CTRL + ALT + V, which kicks in the Paste Special box, with a load of paste options, including "unformatted text".

EA releases Scrabble for cellphones (Download Squad)

Sep 11th 2007 8:59AM Anyone know if there's a UK version? The carriers listed are all US

Futurix Imager - Today's Free File (Download Squad)

Sep 24th 2005 9:22AM I've always disliked IrfanView and ACDSee - I find them clunky and they don't support all the files I want. I've found the free XnView to be an excellent alternative and it's now my browser of choice.