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Daimler reportedly patents new Smart roadster design (Autoblog)

Jan 3rd 2011 1:03PM I too was very interested in the smart roadster and mourned that the tooling was sold off just before Smarts came to the US. Roadster > Mini.

'Angry Birds Halloween' Is Reason Enough to Avoid Trick-or-Treaters (Switched)

Oct 21st 2010 11:37AM They know I'll by Angry Birds Christmas too.

Win a Sonos ZoneBridge and ZonePlayer S5 (

Oct 13th 2010 3:34PM thanks in advance

Abu Dhabi police to use televised shaming as tool to deter motorist scofflaws [w/video] (Autoblog)

Sep 28th 2010 12:20PM FYI, when I lived in the UAE DH 200 was about $55.

iTunes 9.2 on deck (

Jun 8th 2010 11:43AM Unfortunately, I am sooo ready for iTunes 10. iTunes is, bar none, my least favorite part of my tech ecosystem. Not only is the bloat getting worse in a way that spits in the face of Apple's pursuit of elegant productivity, but good features are actually being removed:

(1) the four-column searching of the library was pulled
(2) managing movies on only by thumbnail (big step back)

Updating apps is downright painful for the OCD. I want to be able to have categories of apps: (a) automatically update and install whenever there's an update, (b) show me when there's an update, and (c) never check for downloads again. What does everyone else do, do you delete programs from your library as well as removing them from the phone?

Video: Confusing new Dodge Caravan commercials aren't helping (Autoblog)

May 14th 2010 1:38PM I agree it was awesome. But then I like the Microsoft Seinfeld campaign, too.

Minivans have a problem, they are too soccer mom and don't sell well with men or women who don't want to think of themselves as soccer-moms.

The answer is to shake that every once and a while.

I'm not saying they run this forever (like the "I'm a Mac" commercials that went far too long). But it is a smart shake up.

A Prius costs $846/year to fuel... and other fun facts about car costs (Autoblog)

May 12th 2010 11:47AM I recently ran a comparison of a Prius, Camcord, and Jetta diesel to see the how cost of car + fuel changed overtime. Even with Diesel prices, Jetta came out cheapest. Obviously, I'm not in the market for an "enthusiast" car, just a commuter. made this task easier, but it was more complicated to think of costs this way. We're not used to it. Infographics like this will shift perceptions, and make it easier to factor into the decision.

Maybe in a few months, Autoblog will create an only tool to compare cost of ownership based on owner commuting profiles to save me updating my spreadsheet. hosts eight-car family sedan shootout with surprising results (Autoblog)

May 3rd 2010 6:54PM I noticed that sent invites to all. The 8 represented the ones who responded.

Need a stand for your iPad? Enter the Joule giveaway (

Apr 19th 2010 5:59PM wouldn't want to be eliminated just because you're out of silver, but silver, please.

Video: Google Maps great for viewing aerial chases (Autoblog)

Apr 16th 2010 5:09PM Cool idea. The end degenerating into synchronized swimming was a let down. Couldn't think of a good ending eh?