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Words With Friends for Android updated, promises "smoother game experience" (Download Squad)

Mar 5th 2011 12:46AM Notifications only come up when I have played my go

however, I have it on my Tab and the new update now allows it to work, you can see the letters now and can select them all, something that couldn't be done before.
Same on the Desire as before the update, plays fine, notifications only come up when you have played your move
I have also installed it on the wifes x10 mini pro (not in the market for that phone) and it works just as well (everything works except for notifications)

FIFA to again explore 'goal-line technology' after blown World Cup officiating (updated) (Engadget)

Jun 29th 2010 7:23AM American sports are all start-stop games, football needs to keep moving, no stopping to check what's on a screen, this stuff happens in football all the time, it's part of the game

Google brings free turn-by-turn Navigation to UK Androids (updated) (Engadget)

Apr 21st 2010 5:51AM I'm in the UK and have had 4.1.1 on the phone for ages (officially, through the market).
There was no "navigate" option so I had to remove updates for Google Maps (in the "my downloads" part of the Market app) and then re-download them. I could create a shortcut to a contact or address and use sat nav that way, but there was nothing in the "directions" bit of the app.

Android Market gets 9,000 new apps in March, world domination can't be far behind (Engadget)

Apr 8th 2010 7:35AM I've moved from Android to iPhone. I'll move back once I can watch Sky TV, Justin.tv and TVCatchup on an Android phone, until then it's not worth it for me, just need more mainstream developers to develop apps for it, won't be long.

Oh, and also some kids games like Thomas, Chuggington etc that my 3 year old plays all the time

eBay launches an app for Google Android (Download Squad)

Feb 19th 2010 4:26AM Usual rubbish expected from site like this failing to mention that an app is only available in the US market.

Google Navigation hacked onto T-Mobile G1 (updated) (Engadget Mobile)

Nov 12th 2009 7:47AM Doesn't work outside the US. Got it on my G1 and messed with it for hours before I found out it's US only!

Photoshop.com Mobile now available for Android devices (Download Squad)

Nov 9th 2009 3:59AM I can confirmed this is NOT available in the UK (probably only in the US!)
Why can't people mention this in their stories to save millions of people time searching for something that's not there?
For those with root, use "market enabler" to be able to find it until Adobe stop being stupid and limiting their software

Photoshop.com Mobile now available for Android devices (Download Squad)

Nov 8th 2009 4:58PM keeps saying it cannot be found is this for the US only or is it currently down?