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Element Vapor Pro iPhone 4 case: Exclusive first look and giveaway (

Feb 22nd 2011 9:48PM Wolves. It will protect my iPhone from wolves.

Stupid Windows Trick: just start typing to jump to a specific file in Explorer (Download Squad)

Dec 18th 2010 11:36PM @youanden I came to post the same link. Listary totally changed the way I use Windows.

Win several ElementCase products in time for the holidays (

Dec 7th 2010 3:21PM I, too, would love to have the Vapor 007 case.

'Criminal Minds': Rachel Nichols Promoted to Series Regular, Paget Brewster Mulls Options (AOL TV)

Dec 6th 2010 2:37PM This is particularly interesting to me given that Nichols starred in The Inside, an excellent but short-lived series (helmed by Tim Minear and killed by Fox, big surprise) which premiered a few months before Criminal Minds and had, basically, the exact same premise. It will be interesting to see what her role on Minds is. Given the right role Nichols can be great, but in the wrong role she can be, well, obnoxious.

Updated Gmail for iPhone blurs the line between Web and native apps (Download Squad)

Oct 28th 2010 7:17PM I love the incremental updates Google does for Gmail Mobile. I notice a little change here or there almost every week. My only gripe: The button icons were made for the old iPhone display and haven't been updated for the retina display, so when viewed on an iPhone 4 they look blocky. Anyway, I use Gmail Mobile exclusively on my iPhone. Even though Apple added conversation view to the Mail app, it still doesn't show my labels, which are essential, so I stick with the web app.

Luxist Giveaway: 8 Flavors of Sulpice Chocolat (Luxist)

Oct 25th 2010 2:20PM Yes please!

Download Squad welcomes two new writers! (Download Squad)

Oct 6th 2010 3:29PM Do Sam and Vlad have last names, Mr. Unknown?

Vapor iPhone case review and giveaway (

Aug 25th 2010 11:27PM Red please!

Opinion: Why Ascender's Fonts Live service is doomed from the get-go (Download Squad)

Jul 7th 2010 3:27PM Erez, your editorial here seems short-sighted and ill-informed.

Firstly, Google's Font API is an open source collaboration with TypeKit, a for-profit company with a very similar offering but slightly different business model to Ascender's FontsLive. Your post seems to suggest that you were unaware of TypeKit's very existence. At the very least a mention of it would have shown that you have some knowledge of the market Ascender is entering.

Secondly, you ask how they can compete with Google's free offering. This is a no-brainer: Selection. FontsLive, like TypeKit, offers hundreds of fonts that would cost tens of thousands of dollars if purchased individually. Google's service (which I think is excellent, by the way), on the other hand, offers 18 fonts. Will they offer more in the future? I'm sure they will. But I very much doubt they'll ever offer even the same order of magnitude of fonts as FontsLive and TypeKit. I work with designers. I know for a fact that they like Google's free offerings, but definitely need more, and are willing to pay for it in many instances.

The question you should be asking is, can FontsLive compete with TypeKit? It's hard to say. TypeKit offers its entire collection for one yearly fee, whereas FontsLive charges a yearly fee per font, with bandwidth restrictions. I suspect that for some businesses the latter model will work better, while the former will be preferable. But I do think that a business model with potential, and if it fails it won't be because Google prices it out of the market.