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Forget Launchers, Just Do It With Windows! - How To (Download Squad)

Aug 22nd 2008 7:13AM An easier way is to simply add C:\Documents and Settings\username\Start menu to the path file,so everything that is in the start menu get indexed :)

New design coming down the pipes (Download Squad)

Jul 11th 2007 8:04PM Oh yes..! Now I totally get your enlighted point!
"Sometimes changing something can cause no end of problems".
Silly me. From now on, nobody should touch ANYTHING that fits your needs because well.. it just works.
You have a problem with upgrades, just face it. No big deal. Breathe hard and learn to accept that things can be improved even if you don't benefit from it. Others could.
If I 'change' the colour of my car or add some additional security belts in the back of my car (think of the children, please).. would that be 'problems of no end' ?
Because.. you know.. we tried to add a wheel for the passenger but it did turn bad. Once it wasn't compulsory to secure those who were sitting in the back of the car. But not everybody comes up with brilliant thinking such as "if it ain't broken don't fix it" when others want to improve something.
Sarcasm, gotta love it when an educated opinion seems to be required to explain such basic and vital concepts as "innovation".

New design coming down the pipes (Download Squad)

Jul 11th 2007 4:56PM No, did you just made it up? Sounds cool, might turn into a catchy sentence people will throw at any news dealing with upgrades to something.