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GreenPois0n jailbreak update RC6.1 fixes iBooks blockade (Download Squad)

Feb 20th 2011 12:48AM I don't agree with the fewer and fewer/lesser and lesser reasons to jailbreak part - there are still a LOT of apps out there that you'll benefit from using after jailbreaking. The best example is WiFi Sync. I've put up a list of apps I can't do without and hence can't use an iOS device sans jailbreak:

Should Twitter really count URL characters against you? (Download Squad)

Sep 14th 2009 12:11AM For multiple links, LinkBunch could be used, just the way Twitter currently uses Bitly.

Real Alternative hits 2.0 milestone with a quiet update (Download Squad)

Sep 10th 2009 1:12AM Correct. I haven't come across a website streaming content in Real media for years, but I like the RMVB format and checking up on it every now and then. I don't think it's going to replace the standards, but it's still an interesting thing to keep track of.

Real Alternative hits 2.0 milestone with a quiet update (Download Squad)

Sep 10th 2009 1:09AM noooooooooo!!! the horror!!!!!!!!

Want to read TUAW on your iPhone? There's an app for that. (

Sep 2nd 2009 3:44AM I would have preferred a more capable web app instead, but that's just me.

The TUAW app is a nice thing to have , nevertheless.

GTA Chinatown coming to the iPhone (

Sep 2nd 2009 3:41AM Yeah - just like Justin said - I'd rather not have it if it's gonna be like GTA 1 or 2 (top down view)...

Open source Filebox eXtender speeds open/save folder navigation (Download Squad)

May 25th 2009 9:53PM This is hideous! Even the fact that its open source adds no bit of charm to it! Thanks, but I'll stick to my favorites!

WinLAME audio converter gets a 2009 (minor) makeover (Download Squad)

Apr 19th 2009 1:14PM Even I've been using WinLAME for years and I was kinda sad that there wasn't a new version out, but I never really felt left out because, as you said, the old version did everything I needed a LAME front-end to do.

Bluetooth 3.0 specification to debut on April 21st (Engadget)

Apr 9th 2009 2:14PM Off-topic, but the new cheapest car in the world, the Tata Nano, has a premium model (about $3800 for all of it) has a Bluetooth-enabled stereo. Just...