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Joyswag: Win a copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Joystiq)

Mar 24th 2008 11:58AM My first pick would be Little Mac, but he's already an assist trophy.

I think Little Nemo would be awesome. He could play similar to the Pokemon Trainer, except he would be riding the animals he used.

Obama most popular with tech savvy voters (Download Squad)

Jan 8th 2008 2:48PM As usual, Ron Paul is left out, I guess he's just meaningless, and that $20 million he raised just came out of thin air.

Don't start reporting half reports downloadsquad. That is not the whole story and you know it, You are better than the damn mainstream media.

Instant Jailbreak for iPhone and iPod touch (

Oct 29th 2007 2:36PM There is not a good place on the web for all this info, so I am trying to do something about it.

go here:

join, add, discuss.
there isn't much now because I just created it like 10 mins ago.

thanx guys. hopefully this will make it a lot easier for everyone.

Windows Genuine Advantage validation servers down (Download Squad)

Aug 27th 2007 11:27AM this sucks. i need to reload a pc today. please keep us up to date on it so we know what is going on ..



Win a copy of Vista Ultimate (Download Squad)

Jan 31st 2007 10:30AM holy vistas batman, thats a lot of comments. chances are slim, but i'll risk it.

Google Starts its Calendar Integration (The Unofficial Google Weblog)

Apr 17th 2006 2:21PM there is a few more things integrated, but not everyone has em yet...

Whats The Deal with Gmail Lately? (The Unofficial Google Weblog)

Mar 10th 2006 10:40AM google is putting out a calendar.
here is some pron for ya..