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EatLime: Sharing large files keeps getting easier (Download Squad)

Mar 12th 2008 5:34PM The best, in my opinion, both aesthetically and functionally is: http://senduit.com/

Top notch stuff.

SXSW 2008 Schwag Unboxing (Download Squad)

Mar 7th 2008 10:35PM I hate that I have to point this out, but:

"schwag" is crappy weed;
"swag" is stuff we all get.

The Office Convention: Part Five -- Final thoughts and stray observations (AOL TV)

Nov 2nd 2007 3:23PM My wife and I drove from Kansas to go to the convention. We're dedicated viewers of "The Office", but hardly obsessed. Besides sounding like a kick-ass road-trip, we went to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary (if you don't already know, the "theme" of the first anniversary is PAPER). We thought it a good theme-related destination.

Anyway, here's my one grievance with the convention: What the hell did I pay for? We bought in at the $25 dollar level, and if this was an attendee-funded event, I'm glad to have contributed that much, but seems like we could have done everything worth doing for free. Sucks to be the ones who paid $250, I think. Maybe the VIP-events were off-the-hook, but somehow I doubt it. So: I would have liked to have seen more attendee-involvement activities, like roundtable discussions, or split people into teams and make them write and perform an Office-skit. Or maybe some loosely-related panel/presentations about the writing/acting/technical processes. I dunno, just didn't seem like I learned anything new by being there, and I certainly wasn't given any great opportunity to meet up with "People Like Me".

I actually enjoyed the Q&A, but I totally agree that the questions asked A) weren't all that good, and B) weren't given a proper chance to be answered. Ritditditdedoo.

Jay: I made it a point to study your photos so I could pick you out of a crowd, but don't I ever did. I always enjoy your reviews, especially from last season's LCS, so I just wanted to say thanks in person, but alas, 'twas not meant to be.

Pushing Daisies: Pie-lette (series premiere) (AOL TV)

Oct 4th 2007 11:11AM The 'masturbation' joke is only funny if you're familiar with the word 'mastication' as well.

Pushing Daisies: Pie-lette (series premiere) (AOL TV)

Oct 4th 2007 1:59AM Is it just me or does the grammar in this review sound like it was translated from a foreign language?

I love Amelie and Big Fish -- always top of my lists -- but I hated this show. I tried so hard to love it, and when I can tune out all the plot holes (or environment holes), I really see the beauty in the similarities to each of those movies. But I just got tired of wtf'ing over all the unfeasible (and left unexplained) goings-on.

Some of my issues, kind of in order as they happened:

* Why was Ned so comfortable with engaging in this partnership where he has to revive and kill human beings? Has he been making a habit of this since he discovered his power and has already gotten over the awkwardness of rekilling people?

* Why is Chuck not more concerned about the fact that she died, or more accurately, murdered, as Ned revives her?

* And jebus, how fast did they fall into storybook love? That kind of I-feel-your-hand-through-the-wall kinda love.

Ow. I'll leave it with those three, 'cause I can already feel the rising sentiment from you with the "love it love it love it" comments; something along the lines of: "It's supposed to be a fairytale, so it doesn't have to abide by all the rules of our world (and proper storytelling)."

Well, like I said earlier "Big Fish" is a favorite of mine, so it's not the genre I dislike. It's two other things:

1) In fairytales, the whole world is topsy-turvy ala Alice in Wonderland, often with a "normal" main character who stumbled upon these bizarre circumstances. In superhero/person-with-a-superpower stories, it's the exact opposite: bizarre person, normal world. But with Pushing Daisies, everything's weird. Relationships manifest from the ether, people don't question the morality of reviving dead people for a bat of the eye, and adults can behave like 11-year-olds. Big Fish got away with it because it was really just a senile old man telling tales.

2) It was too dang fast. I would have liked to see an entire first season covering how they form this little partnership, his awkwardness and ensuing follies with getting started at this new hobby, the girl-from-childhood thing come around episode three, and then spend the rest of the first season developing that relationship and dealing with the problems they encounter with keeping it a secret.

I'll watch a couple more times to see if they sludge this thing into a slower story that I can sink my teeth into, or if they keep the throttle fully open.

Also: I HATE long review-like comments, so I duly apologize for this one.

Doctor 2.0 (Download Squad)

Oct 3rd 2007 9:29PM "House calls are great and all, but would you be willing to see a doctor that doesn't even have an office?"

What, you mean sitting in a waiting room for 30 minutes longer than you were supposed to with a bunch of other sick, sniffling folks, where the only distraction comes in the form of gnarled copies of Highlights magazine? If that spells legitimacy, count me out.

Enter the TV Squad cancellation trifecta game (AOL TV)

Sep 17th 2007 10:30AM Nashville. God save humanity if people actually watch this.

Ebert holds his thumbs hostage (AOL TV)

Aug 28th 2007 10:08PM Absolutely 100% agree with above commenter "Jim". Ebert's reviews approach and surpass genius in many cases. He gives insight into films the way those films weren't able. And if you want to read some of the funniest writing ever, just go read some of his negative reviews (some of which he's compiled into books, e.g. "Your Movie Sucks").

Goodnight nobody? (ParentDish)

Jul 20th 2007 10:00PM Two cheers for Mike K's explanation. A simple reference to "the space between", or perhaps it's the bunny's ironic realization that he's talking to himself in an empty room.

On The Lot: Contestant Films - Round 3 (AOL TV)

Jul 20th 2007 9:42PM Dude, the reason the audience is so friggin' excited each week is because it's full of the cast and production crew from all the films. They're not cheering for the show or the directors, but for themselves, individually.