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Norton Internet Security crits World of Warcraft, claims its not a critical system file (Download Squad)

Jun 7th 2010 12:58PM Antivirus makes usually tell their users not to use more than one antivirus program on a system, so if WoW was acting like an antivirus program, it makes a kind of sense that Norton would mistakenly think its malware.

Mozilla rebranding Weave as Firefox Sync... iPhone app coming? (Download Squad)

May 20th 2010 3:41PM If you look on the Weave blog, you'll see a picture of a prototype for a Weave data viewer on the iPhone (which includes support for a Firefox-like URL bar as a standalone application).

TV 101: How 'Lost' Is Like a Loveless Marriage (AOL TV)

Mar 23rd 2010 4:03AM I've never cared more. The last two seasons have been continually thrilling. Lost continues to work on all levels. Sure, it's not perfect, but nothing as ambitious as Lost can be. No, we're not going to get an answer to every question, because that would be totally impossible. I frankly don't want "mitochondria" type answers; that would cheapen the show. This season, other answers have been coming fast and furious. In retrospect, the sideways split was the only way to follow up last year's cliffhanger.

And right now there's nothing else on tv that I care about nearly as much as Lost. I like Damages, Burn Notice, Supernatural, The Good Wife, Dexter, Big Love (despite its subpar season), True Blood, House, Stargate: Universe and Caprica, but none of them provide the sher pleasure that Lost does. The only piece of media I'm looking forward to as much as the rest of Lost is the last volume of Robert Caro's Lyndon Johnson biography (and that will require a much longer wait).

Firefox 3.5 passes IE7 as most popular web browser (Download Squad)

Dec 21st 2009 12:53PM Firefox 3.5 will surely fall behind IE7 again as soon as Firefox 3.6 is released

8 years late: Microsoft finally pushes users to upgrade from IE6 (Download Squad)

Dec 2nd 2009 12:42AM Never used IE6, or any other IE, as a primary browser. Stuck with Netscape 4.6/4.7 until the Mozilla suite became usable. And I didn't do this out of hate for Microsoft, just dislike of IE. (I repeatedly complained to friends who work at Microsoft that the company had abandoned IE6, because I wanted it to be a better browser that I would use)

Guiding Light: The Final Episode (SPOILERS) (AOL TV)

Sep 19th 2009 5:24PM It was a good ending for most of the characters, but really didn't do justice to its entire history; it was a wrap-up to the show Gail Kobe and Pam Long revamped GL into in the early 80s. While I realize that Ed and Holly hadn't been regular characters in a while, Peter Simon and Maureen Garrett were on GL before anyone else in the current cast and should've been part of the final show, and more importantly, there should have been been a Bauer scene paying one last tribute to Bert Bauer (Charita Bauer)

That being said, I've seen a lot of final episodes of soap opera (The Doctors, Texas, Edge of Night, Search for Tomorrow, Ryan's Hope, Capitol, Santa Barbara, Another World), and this was definitely one of the better ones. The producers managed to bring back virtually every character I thought they needed to and could except Alan-Michael.

Overstock kills affiliate programs in 4 states, just like Amazon (Download Squad)

Jul 1st 2009 11:00PM Legally, in virtually all states, people are supposed to pay use taxes on all catalog and internet orders for products that would be taxed if bought in their state. in fact, people are supposed to pay such use taxes even if they travel to other states and purchase things in person. When people travel out-of-state and buy an item for which there is sales tax but that sales tax is less on that item than it would be in their home state, they are supposed to pay the difference to their home state in use tax.. In reality, states have been unable to enforce these laws except on very large purchases such as cars or expensive artwork. This has been the case for longer than the Internet has existed, basically since the Supreme Court's ruling in National Bellas Hess v. Department of Revenue (1967). Various states have tried to overturn this ruling, which said that states could only force companies that have a nexus in that specific state to charge sales tax because such taxes were "an unconstitutional burden on interstate commerce." After that ruling, every state with a sales tax revised their laws to require that people in the state send in use taxes in case where they bought something from an out-of-state retailer who didn't charge sales, but, as I said above, states have rarely enforced these laws. In recent years, as Internet sales have been growing, states have been looking at ways to collect these taxes. The legal issue in question is whether affiliates represent a nexus. I suspect this will go to the Supreme Court, because it really is a question that the Court did not anticipate in its ruling. In 1992, the Supreme Court clarified the Bellas Hess ruling by saying that Congress could pass a bill enabling states to force out-of-state retailers to charge sales tax if enough states were able to get together and simplify their sometimes byzantine sales tax systems, but so far attempts to get enough states to forge an agreement to do that has failed. Amazon.com officially supports that effort, which would result in Amazon collecting sales tax from their customers.

Lost: Whatever Happened, Happened (AOL TV)

Apr 2nd 2009 2:06PM Eludium - Sawyer and Juliet aren't turning over Ben to the Others; they expect (and I'm sure will) being him back to his father. In fact, they're doing the only thing they think can save the kid's life to bring him back to Roger.

The problem is that that they are giving his soul to the Others in order to save his life. I'm not sure they quite fully realize the implications of that, though Richard tried to make it clear to them.

Wikia kills its search engine, now can Google please kill Knol? (Download Squad)

Mar 31st 2009 4:53PM Wikia Search required significant funding. Knol does not. While knol is not an encyclopedia, it is, like wikipedia, very cheap to run. So there's no particular reason for Google to close it.

Subaru sells 100,000 PZEVs and sends nothing to the dump for three years (Autoblog Green)

Jul 4th 2007 5:19PM My one real complaint about my Legacy is the poor gas mileage. Obviously, the all-wheel drive is one reason the mileage is bad for a mid-size sedan, but even with those added pounds the car should get better mileage. Thankfully, I don't drive all that much, so I don't use all that much gasoline.