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GooSync - Sync mobile devices with Google Calendar (Download Squad)

Dec 8th 2006 12:58PM I was going to try it today, based on a recommendation from a reader of my blog. But I have to admit, I was completely turned off by the registration page. They want my physical address, date of birth, and gender? I don't think so. In addition, I'm very uncomfortable with the concept of giving my gmail address and password (!) on the main registration page - that should be something that you tweak in the options. No go for me. Not even going to try it out.

How to fix your iTunes artwork (Download Squad)

Dec 1st 2006 10:27AM Re adding artwork without an Itunes account. Do the same thing described above to get into a particular song's (actually pick the whole album) artwork, but double-click on the big thumbnail box for Album artwork. That'll open a dialog box, asking you to navigate to an image on your hard drive. Find the image you already have, and presto.

The 'For Dummies' book cover generator (Download Squad)

Apr 6th 2006 9:57PM I've just killed 20 minutes playing with this site. What a hoot. Most fun I've had on the web in weeks!

Microsoft swallows Onfolio (Download Squad)

Mar 8th 2006 1:01PM Wow, I have to say I'm disappointed. I've been using Onfolio and it's great at what it does. Unfortunately, I've mostly be using it as a really really good RSS reader, but that's more me, as opposed to the software. And it's not that I'm anti-Microsoft, but really, do they need to own everything? I've been trying to move away from their web stuff, since IE just can't compare to FireFox. Now, I feel that the lovely little evolutionary branch of Onfolio + FireFox goodness has just been snipped. Sigh.