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What's a troll to do now? Yahoo! News Message Boards taken offline (Download Squad)

Jan 22nd 2007 10:23AM Udokier's last sentence in his 12:39 p.m. post gets at the key issue. The trolls did not take the yahoo board seriously. However he overlooks the fact that some people, such as myself, DID take the yahoo boards seriously and felt that the purpose for them was intelligent discussion. Yes, sarcastic posts can make points if used judiciously but when they are overdone it's effects are tiresome, if not counterproductive in my view. I usually felt I could tell when someone was being sarcastic and someone who was being mean-spirited but not always was I so sure. Having said that, I don't believe in censorship, except for personal attacks (Tina's 12:10 a.m. post is a good example of this). I hope Tina understands that posts like hers were the reason Yahoo message boards were taken down.

I will propose a suggestion and I hope others will comment on this:

Have two message boards--both clearly labeled
1)A message board for people who want to post serious discussion on a topic.

2)A message board for people who want to have fun with the topic.

Important point--posts that attacks or threatens a specific race, creed, or person or that uses abusive or profane language should not be allowed at EITHER board. Posts like these are only funny if you are mean spirited or cruel.

Historic Los Angeles Theatre District (Gadling)

Mar 8th 2006 11:41AM What a great post. I went on this tour with the Conservancy and it is truly enlightening especially if you're under 40 or not a native. It also brings back wonderful memories for people who do remember that time when the movie theaters flourished in Downtown Los Angeles. I also want to heartily recommend the special "Last Remaining Seats" program that the L.A. Conservancy does where you can watch classic films in some of the old movie houses (tickets for this become available in May). You can find out more about the program and the tours they offer at their website