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Pachter predicts $100 'Platinum' Xbox Live membership (Joystiq)

Sep 3rd 2010 12:42PM @Prboi
XBL hackers, you can update those guy into offline mode please. I don't need aimbots or 1 shot kills please.

Medal of Honor multiplayer trailer is eerily familiar (Joystiq)

Aug 28th 2010 11:13PM @oJMan240o

Comments like this make me so happy that I read the comments. You stated your opinion and did it with respect to other games. You cited what was bad about that game without being condescending and made your comment worth reading.

Thank you sir for making my comment-reading day

Microsoft fires off salvo of Halo: Reach pirating permabans (Joystiq)

Aug 26th 2010 1:30AM @Pure Black World Tendency
I think you need question marks in between 7 & 8.

AT&T's bullish earnings report suggests iPhone exclusivity is almost over (Engadget)

Aug 8th 2010 1:15PM @neeko18
Alright you asked for it, let's just talk about the Kin instead

Droid 2 flyer confirms Froyo (again), promises 40 percent boost in website load times (Engadget)

Aug 5th 2010 1:24AM @illmaticstill Don't let the networks hear you.

HTC fires back at Apple antenna demo with percentage pew-pew (Engadget)

Jul 17th 2010 11:12PM How about they fire back some Incredibles and EVOs

Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/Converter cuts the cable, writes to memory cards (Engadget)

Jul 12th 2010 12:59PM @aaronbucks
"Update: We've updated the post to include a pic of the new model."

World spends 4.82 million hours playing Google Pac-Man on launch day (Engadget)

May 25th 2010 8:18PM @racefreak265
hey who you callin' bud, freak?