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Day One On Linux: What Would You Miss? (Download Squad)

Sep 18th 2008 12:24PM Oh ya, Flash is another thing that just bugs me in linux. I know it is getting better but I have a lot of times where I have to restart my browser just to watch YouTube.

Day One On Linux: What Would You Miss? (Download Squad)

Sep 18th 2008 12:22PM I support windows machines at work but at home I strictly use linux mint. From a support side there are a few things that I miss.

Remote assistance. I can't go remote with a Windows user without booting into windows. Even my virtual box install had some problems getting through the virtual network connection.

The ability to read windows logs. Right now I am dealing with a outlook problem that is requiring me to open windows logs from multiple users. I simply cannot open them in linux.

Outlook. Most of my work day is spent managing email/calendar stuff stored on a exchange server. I really like thunderbird but it just can't incorporate things like outlook can.

Notepad++ is a big one too. I tend to write a lot of batch/autoit/xml files and notepad++ is easily my favorite to use.

paint.NET. I like this more than photoshop. but sadly it just does not run.

I still use linux as my main os at home. but I simply cannot use it at work. :(
I also am responsible for creating images for my work machines. So if I am not using the image I made, I really don't know if there is something wrong with it. Until there is VM software that also can emulate certain computer hardware I am stuck in Vista at work.
But don't get me wrong, I really do like Vista (more than XP) I just feel like linux gives me more to learn.

5 Apps You Run That Suck, and 5 Replacements That Don't (Download Squad)

Aug 5th 2008 2:10PM I love that itunes made the list! I have been saying itunes sucks for years. you can also try atunes. I have never owned a ipod so I don't know if it is any better but I have friends that use it.

HP set to launch the Compaq 2730p Centrino 2 tablet PC (Engadget)

Jul 17th 2008 11:30AM I used a 2710p for a week earlier this month and I must say it is the best tablet I have ever used but I had a few problems with it.

1. Processor was too slow
2. no external buttons when using the device as a tablet
3. no touch pad

This devices fixes the biggest problem I had before and to me that is a very welcome fix.

@huh - The device is very light (especially without the docking CD rom drive) and in the week i used it I only had to charge it about 1/2 a dozen times. Which for a full week that is defiantly a winner to me.

Drobo (second-gen) mini-review (Engadget)

Jul 8th 2008 3:31PM I am in the same boat. I just bought a link station pro to hold me over until G3 comes with gig eth and hopefully at least 5 drives.

Get an interesting view with TiltViewer (Download Squad)

Jul 7th 2008 4:53PM seems very similar to PicLens which I just got working with my Gallery2 installation this past week.
Of course this is a little better because the client doesn't need to install anything. But seems less useful.

The Bill Day giveaway (part 1) - Toshiba Gigabeat T400 (Engadget)

Jun 28th 2008 12:05PM I totally forgot about this one. Way to bring products back from the dead.
My #3 favorite Windows device is probably my Dreamcast

The Bill Day giveaway (part 4) - Windows Vista Ultimate (Engadget)

Jun 27th 2008 7:50PM well, why not.
Vista is quite nice.

The Bill Day giveaway (part 3) - Zune 80GB (black) (Engadget)

Jun 27th 2008 7:50PM I love my Windows Mobile phone (xv6800)

Linux Mint Elyssa: Ubuntu Hardy with a fresh aftertaste (Download Squad)

Jun 27th 2008 4:52PM I highly recommend Linux Mint to new Linux users. I recently converted a friend and after installing Ubuntu and not liking it they love Linux Mint. I have actually switched from Ubuntu to Linux Mint myself because I don't have to customize the themes as much and the "start" menu is far superior in my opinion.