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Darksiders trailer brings nothing but Ruin (Joystiq)

Dec 12th 2009 12:54PM You're going to be disappointed then. It doesn't have a deep combat system - not even as deep as God of War. The action is serviceable... but this is more of a Zelda style title, with a focus on exploration and puzzles with big action that plays simply.

Mass Effect 2's Subject Zero looks awfully unfriendly (Joystiq)

Sep 27th 2009 5:32PM Actually, Baldur's Gate was intended to be a trilogy. Throne of Bhaal became the series ender (and incorporated many ideas that were intended for a third title) when Interplay found out they were losing the AD&D license.

Joystiq impressions: Katamari Forever (Joystiq)

Apr 29th 2009 11:31PM Oh, I'd pay $20 for it... I just want it on my hard drive instead of taking up space on my shelves.

Joystiq impressions: Katamari Forever (Joystiq)

Apr 29th 2009 11:02PM I'd much rather purchase a game like this as a downloadable title.

GDC09: An inFamous interview with Sucker Punch's Brian Fleming (Joystiq)

Mar 25th 2009 7:21PM Ah, already fixed. I'll shut up now.

GDC09: An inFamous interview with Sucker Punch's Brian Fleming (Joystiq)

Mar 25th 2009 7:20PM "We were drawing a lot of comparisons between you guys and Naughty Dog. Cause you know they went from Ratchet and Clank to Uncharted, do you guys feel like you're in a similar position to what they did?"

Naughty Dog didn't make Ratchet and Clank, they made Jak and Daxter. Insomniac made Ratchet and Clank.

Assuage your fears: Kristin Kreuk watched people play Street Fighter! (Joystiq)

Feb 25th 2009 6:54PM I don't know if I've ever seen such blatant airbrushing on someone's face before. Her face looks so fake in that photo, I'd almost think it was CG!

PSP & PS3 filters now active on Joystiq PlayStation (Joystiq Playstation)

Jan 29th 2009 12:22AM I'm really happy with the site redesign at Joystiq. It's a vast improvement. Great work, guys!

Final Fantasy XIII countdown ends, new trailer released (Joystiq)

Jan 28th 2009 7:07PM I'm impressed with how fast and involved the battle system is, considering that it's another evolution of ATB.

Uncharted 2 enemies have improved since you last met (Joystiq Playstation)

Jan 14th 2009 6:27PM Actually, Iron Fist is a lot easier if you just use the combo: Square, R1, Square.

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