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Broadcom co-founder allegedly spiked tech execs' drinks, had "warehouse" of coke and meth (Engadget)

Jun 19th 2008 8:12AM I was onsite there 2 wildman... contact me.

Microsoft: Vista UAC was supposed to piss you off (Download Squad)

Apr 11th 2008 10:14PM Notice

"Cross says that 88% of Vista users have not disabled UAC"

I wonder how they know 88% of Vista users have not disabled UAC?

Because Vista is calling home obviously and reporting this, as well as other settings, Data for marketing etc I am sure.

Does that make you angry?

URL Trick in Gmail (Download Squad)

Mar 6th 2008 9:46AM No way am i going to put my data online! nice try. no wonder the stock is dropping.

Microsoft issues XP and Vista updates without user consent (Download Squad)

Sep 15th 2007 8:25AM So let me get this straight, I go to windows update and take a look to see what updates are available,( I do this often just to see if there is something like hardware etc ) and then smack, I get updated.
updated as in something was downloaded and applied to my system.

"Microsoft believes that users should remain in control of their computer experience."

Create Screenshots or Screencasts with Jing (Download Squad)

Jul 18th 2007 9:14AM After install and execution, I am getting the fallowing error.
.NET Runtime 2.0 Error - EventType : clr20r3 P1 : jing.exe P2 : P3 : 469c62c9...

Anyone else? this application looks sexy! cannot wait to use!

Adobe Digital Editions eBook reader released (Download Squad)

Jun 20th 2007 7:28AM I was taking a look at the source code for the swf link trying to manually download so I can install on other computers and found a reference to "Yahoo! Games - Texas Hold-em Poker Installer"
Left overs?
button 130
on (release)
titlebar_txt.text = "Yahoo! Games - Texas Hold-em Poker Installer";
_global.passedSecurity = true;