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NG:Dev.Team keeps the Dreamcast and Neo Geo going with GunLord (Joystiq)

Oct 25th 2011 6:16AM unfortunately this game looks like it would be bossible to make for the SNES or Genesis.. and there's probably a lot more people who have those consoles and play them.

Survey reveals 28 percent of iPad owners use it mainly for gaming (Joystiq)

Jul 9th 2010 10:28PM I want the one with the bigger G Bs

YouTube to launch skippable ads, which might actually help advertisers (Download Squad)

Jun 30th 2010 9:38PM whenever they ask me to rate an ad if I feel they have effectively targeted me and it is a good ad I rate the ad as bad but if it's for something I would never buy anyways I click the I like it button.

if I think the ad will discourage people from buying the product I click the I like it button also.. just anything to make the ads less effective.

Hulu Plus: $10/mo for HD streaming, more episodes, iPhone and iPad support (Download Squad)

Jun 30th 2010 12:10AM OK... so say I have netflix and a regular tv antenna and some type of box that can play streaming netflix so I get ABC NBC CBS Fox and just for giggles The CW. what exactly am I going to be able to watch on Hulu that I could not on those? select Discovery,USA,History,HBO,Showtime shows? I think not.
is there anything that that is really worth the $10 if I'm cutting my cable/satellite bill down? Is there ANYTHING at all that a subscriber of a satellite/cable subscription would possibly feel the need to stream rather than just watch the network? I would guess that anyone who even knows what Hulu is in this situation would have a DVR so if it fails to provide anything extra to someone in either scenario why would anyone want to give two cents much less the $10 they're asking?

Watch the first "made-for-torrent" drama series: Pioneer One (Download Squad)

Jun 19th 2010 2:39AM WOW! that was bad enough to be funny it would be a good to see a MST3k take on the first episode.

Dead Space 2 cover is possibly Dead Space Girl-free (Joystiq)

Jun 4th 2010 9:29PM aw I was expecting DSG to be SOMEWHERE in the pic I searched for about 2 minutes trying to find her.

how could EA possibly think more DSG could be a bad thing. we love bad covers I mean Megaman 1,9 and 10 prove that Oh and dead space 1 too.

Sega Genesis Classics rising from their graves, hitting Steam and other PC platforms [update] (Joystiq)

May 21st 2010 10:28PM funny thing is by 2001 the PSX was about 95% emulated to this day there is no saturn emulator that is even that good. has something to do with trying to sync 3 hard to emulate cpus with that odd square polygon rendering as opposed to triangle that everything else uses

the saturn is the definition of hard to emulate.

Sega Genesis Classics rising from their graves, hitting Steam and other PC platforms [update] (Joystiq)

May 21st 2010 8:51PM come on sega hurry up and release radiant silvergun before pc's get fast enough to run the mamed version and you'll sell a boatload

also why oh WHY are they trying to sell the genesis version of Altered Beast. that's like trying to sell the atari 2600 version of pac-man over the arcade.

Study: Americans spent $25.3 billion on games in 2009 (Joystiq)

May 11th 2010 1:15AM I was confused on what a 'game portal' was until I read the report.. it just means how much people have spent on special pets, and crops on farmville.

wouldn't that be considered PC since I don't think any of the console web browsers support all the stuff to run most of those type of um.. games...

then again I've used a console web browser for all of ten minutes so maybe they do work now?

'Doctor Who: The Adventure Games' premieres June 5, teaser revealed (Joystiq)

Apr 19th 2010 6:34PM first thing that popped into my head when I saw the picture was "post apocalyptic Harry Potter Fanfic???"